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About hardwares related to plantation shutters

Do you know what kind of hardwares do you need to build plantation shutters? Here I would like to introduce 4 basic interior shutter hardwares and accessories as the below.

1. Shutter Pins

Both standard shutter pins and two parts tension pins are widely used in the production. They have pros and cons.

Standard shutter pins

Standard shutter pins

Two parts tension pins of plantation shutter

Two parts tension pins of plantation shutter

2. Plantation Shutter Magnets

Round magnet is the most preferred magnet by our customers in the production. Both sizes 12.5x6cm and 15x3cm are available.

Plantation Shutter Magnets

The pictures above are Slimline magnet, Slimline magnet(Double length) and Round magnet.

3. Shutter Hinges

plantation shutter hardware suppliers

Two kinds of butterfly hinges are applied to our shutters. If you need more option, please contact us freely.

4. Rear Louver controls

Rear Louver controls

There are different styles of rear louver controls as indicated in the picture. #2 is the most preferred one by our customers so far. They comes with different sizes 2 inch, 3 inch and 4 inch.

For more shutter hardware accessories, please refer to: Plantation Shutter Hardware and Shutters Accessories.

Goodwood Shutters

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