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arched window shutters on square windows

arched window shutters on square windows
arched window shutters on square windows


Wood and PVC are available.


As per order.

Available Style:

Shaped Shutter, Hinged Shutter, Solid Panel Shutter, Cafe Shutter, Tier-on-Tier Shutter, Bi-fold Shutter and Sliding Shutter.

Shutters Feature:

Wood Shutters: modern, fashionable and close to nature.

PVC Shutters: When in paint color which is similar like a wood shutter but it’s moisture resistant , impervious to termites, not crack, chip, fade, peel, or warp and long last etc.


PVC Shutter: Snow White, Bright White, Classic White, Off White.

Wood Shutter: With 9 Paint Color +10 Stain Color and Customized Color.


PVC Shutter: First container order normally in 7-10days.

Wood Shutter: First container order normally in 10-14days.

Following container orders can be on weekly shipping basis for both material shutter


SGS lead-free test report.

About Shaped Shutters

Shaped Shutters: We can offer you the custom made shutter with any size and any shape you want to fit your windows well.

Color Options: (Customized Color Available)

PVC Shutter:

Wood Shutter:

Shapes Available:

Oval, Round, Arched, Octagonal, Hexagonal, Sunrise-shaped, Sunburst, French Door, Triangle, Trapezoid etc. or Customized Shape Shutter.


Australia, USA, Canada, Newzealand, South African, United Kingdom etc European market.


Why choose from China Goodwood:

Sunburst arch shutters of shaped shutters:

Shaped Shutter

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