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Arched window shutters

Plantation Shutters For Arched Windows

Plantation shutters are an ideal interior window decoration scheme. Compared with traditional cloth curtains or blinds, plantation shutters are the best option for arched, curved, and round indoor windows. The two most common shapes of arched shutters: One is the arched top of the shutters, and the bottom is square, such as sunburst arch shutters. The other is that the entire shutter is arched.

arched shutters, curved shutters

Arched Window Treatments Solutions

Among our indoor windows, the design of attic, arched and curved windows make our room more distinctive. When decorating indoor arched windows, in order not to block the appearance and shape of the windows, to ensure that the shutters match the room decoration perfectly to make our house more beautiful and magnificent, arched plantation shutters are the most practical and best solution. The custom arched shutters manufactured and supplied by Xiamen Goodwood are very popular in Europe and America. Many shutter wholesale companies in the UK and Europe have continued business relations with us for many years. If you have custom shutters business needs, please contact us. We will arrange the shutter manufacturing business plan schedule for you.

Advantages of arched shutters

The arched plantation shutters not only do not block the original window shape, but also provide ventilation, protect your privacy and add value to your house. At the same time, arched shutters also have the following advantages:

arched window shutters
  • Practical and durable: It is the most affordable among all the arch window treatments, and it has a long service life and is basically not damaged.
  • Light control and privacy protection: Even in the daytime, simply control the angle of the shutter slats to darken the room, and protect your privacy.
  • No rope: Simply control the shutter tilt rod or slat to open and close the shutter, which means there is no dangerous rope. Don't worry about the safety of your child in the room.
  • Easy to clean: just wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Thermal insulation and noise reduction: Our wooden/PVC shutters have thermal insulation and noise reduction effects.
plantation shutters for arched windows

The arched shutters manufactured by Goodwood not only have the above advantages, but also have a variety of shutter styles, colors and custom shutters. In any shape and size of windows, such as arches, arcs, circles, semicircles and hexagons, etc., we can customize special-shaped shutters for you. We supply a large quantity of plantation shutters and shutter components to local shutter wholesale companies in the UK, Europe and the United States every week.

What is the best material for arched plantation shutters?

sunburst arch shutters and arch top shutters

PVC shutters vs wood shutters, which one is more suitable for arched windows treatments? This problem is our end customer problem, but as a leading Chinese shutter manufacturer Goodwood can also tell you: Both materials are suitable for installation in arched windows, and both are perfect solutions. Compared with wooden shutters, PVC plantation shutters are more affordable, but the wooden shutters are more atmospheric and luxurious.

Arched Exterior Shutters

In addition to manufacturing and supplying indoor shutters, Goodwood also produce outdoor shutters. The material used for exterior shutters is polyurethane, and polyurethane millwork are very suitable for the exterior decoration of our house. If you want to install exterior shutters for your windows, polyurethane exterior shutters for arched windows are the ideal choice.

polyurethane exterior shutters for arched windows

Polyurethane millwork from Goodwood can satisfy what you want to be reality of any decoration design, PU architectural millwork can be imitated any material such as wood grain, stone grain, timber mouldings ... it is used greatly for exterior shutters, railings, decorative lines, faux wooden beams, internal and external decorative components etc.

Goodwood Shutters

arched plantation shutters

Xiamen Goodwood is a leading manufacturer and supplier of plantation shutters in China. All arched shutters, curved shutters are manufactured by our plantation shutter factory in China.The arched window shutters are elegant, practical, durable, and easy to maintain, which are favored by European and American shutter wholesale companies. Many local shutter suppliers and wholesalers in the UK and Europe have visited our factory and ordered large quantity of shutters and its components.

If you are interested in Goodwood shutters and need suggestions and quotations for arched shutters, please contact us, we provide customers with excellent service, satisfactory quality and competitive prices.