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Bathroom Shutters

Plantation Shutters for Bathroom Window

Do you have a solution for bathroom window shutters? Are you looking for plantation shutters for bathroom windows. If you are looking for a plantation shutter factory/supplier in China, then you have come to the right place. Xiamen Goodwood is the industry leader in manufacturing & wholesaling plantation shutters, have the best bathroom shutters solution. Our main customer are the biggest wholesaler and factories across the UK, Europe, Australia, North America and South Africa. Goodwood commit to provide good service, satisfied quality and competitive price to our customers.

Plantation Shutters for Bathroom Window

Shutters are the perfect solution for interior bathroom window treatment! The bathroom is a very important space in our home, and the bathroom window treatment plays a very important role. It needs to have waterproof function, but also can control privacy, light and easy maintenance functions. Only plantation shutters can do it. The shutters are stylish, elegant, practical, durable and easy to maintain. Many UK and European shutter wholesalers who work with us told us that their customers not only want customized bathroom shutters to feel comfortable and maintain privacy, but also want to add style and class to their shower rooms, suites.

Why plantation shutters are the best decoration for bathroom windows?

plantation shutters bathroom

Plantation shutters are the perfect choice for your bathroom, wet room or ensuite bathroom! Waterproof plantation shutters for bathroom are stylish, elegant, practical, durable, and easy to maintain.

Traditional bathroom curtains, such as blinds or bathroom sunshades, can get wet and moldy in damp rooms. However, the plantation shutters are durable, easy to clean, simple to control light and have a certain degree of privacy.

Why do you need to install waterproof shutters in the bathroom?

A very important feature of bathroom shutters is that they need to be waterproof. Our wooden shutters are more suitable for installation in non-humid areas such as bedroom and living room windows, but for wet areas in the bathroom, splashing water, showers or a lot of steam may damage our shutters, at this time, waterproof bathroom window shutters are the best option.

bathroom shutters

If you like wooden shutters, don't worry, our PVC waterproof shutters have the same appearance as wooden shutters, which look like wood, but it is made of PVC material and is 100% waterproof. This means that if you want to soak for a long time, you don't have to worry about warping or shrinking the shutters and mildew.

Shutter door for bathroom

If your bathroom still has a door, it is the best option to install a waterproof PVC shutter door in the bathroom, which is practical, not afraid of moisture, and resistant to decay.

Bathroom shutters, which shutter style is more fashionable?

Goodwood produces a variety of shutter styles, colors and frames can be manufactured in batches. White bathroom shutters are the most commonly ordered by our wholesalers. The plantation shutter styles usually installed in the bathroom are mainly cafe shutters, tier on tier shutters and hinged shutters.

bathroom window shutters, Tier on Tier & Cafe Shutters
  • Cafe style shutters: These shutters cover the lower part of the window, keeping the top part unobstructed, thereby maximizing the light in the bathroom while maintaining privacy at the bottom. They are suitable for installation on tall bathroom windows.
  • Hinged shutters, also called full-height shutters. These shutters are our most popular for completely covering bathroom windows. Full height shutters provide privacy and elegance in your bathroom. They can work normally on windows of any height or short height, and can also operate the louvers to increase privacy.

What are the functions of bathroom shutters?

The role of bathroom shutters is to tilt the louvers to control light and privacy.

bathroom shutters waterproof louvers
  • Closing the bathroom window louvers at night protects privacy.
  • During the day, the angle of the slats can be adjusted as needed to control light and privacy.

Can bathroom shutters be customized?

Of course, Goodwood is a Chinese shutter trade supplier, producing all kinds of wooden shutters and PVC shutters (waterproof shutters) and shutter components. If you have design drawings, we can manufacture samples according to the drawings to final mass production.

Goodwood shutters

Xiamen Goodwood is a leading manufacturer and supplier of plantation shutters in China. The bathroom shutters produced by Goodwood are waterproof, elegant, practical, durable, and easy to maintain. Many local shutter suppliers and wholesalers in the UK and Europe have come to our factory to visit and order large amounts of shutters and its components.

If you are interested in Goodwood shutters and need advice on your bathroom shutters, please contact us, we provide good service, satisfied quality and competitive price to our customers.