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Bay window shutters

plantation shutters bay window

Plantation shutters are ideal window treatments for interior bay windows. The shutters manufactured by China Goodwood are supplied to the UK, Europe and North America. Some of these customized shutters are bay window shutters. Bay window shutters are very popular in the UK, and many shutter wholesale companies have continued business relationships with us. If you are interested in bay windows shutters or have custom shutters business, please contact us or call.

plantation shutters bay window

The bay window is a classic British house architectural feature, and Victorian bay window shutters are a highlight on the local balcony. In addition to the United Kingdom, buildings in European and American countries also have bay windows. The bay window is a special curved window, or round window, bow window and square shapes. Among the different types of bay windows, curved shutters or bow window shutters and square bay windows are more common. But unlike arched shutters, arched shutters are vertically arched, and bay window shutters are horizontally curved.

The advantages of bay window shutters

As we all know, bay windows have always been difficult to cover, but plantation shutters perfectly solves this problem. Compared with traditional canvas curtains and blinds, bay window shutters do not require a top sliding track, are easy to install, and are very practical. Not only are they great value for money, bay window shutters also have the following advantages:

plantation shutters bay window advantages
  • Durable: long service life and basically no damage.
  • Light control and privacy protection: Simply control the angle of shutters tilt rod or louvers/slat to change the light and protect your privacy. Opening the louvers can not only ventilate, but also allows light to enter the room; closing the louvers can protect your privacy.
  • No rope: Just control the shutter tilt rod or slat to open and close the shutter, which means there are no dangerous ropes, and you don't have to worry about the safety of children playing in the room.
  • Easy to clean: Just wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Heat insulation and noise reduction:The shutters of the bay window have a certain heat insulation and noise reduction effect.

What is the most popular material for bay window shutters?

shutters for curved bay windows

Goodwood is a Chinese shutter manufacturing expert, producing interior wooden shutters and PVC shutters. For the question of which material is more suitable for bay windows, the answer is that both types of shutters can be installed on bay windows. The difference is that PVC plantation shutters are more affordable, and wooden shutters are lighter and more luxurious. But for our end customers, it is difficult for you to distinguish the difference between pvc and wood, because they are really similar. PVC plantation shutters can also be made like wood, only you can cut off the slats to know the answer. The picture above is white wooden shutters for bay windows. It is difficult to recognize at first glance that they are made of wood.

What is the most popular style of shutters for bay windows?

Among the Victorian bay window shutters, whether it is full-height shutters, cafe style or solid panel shutters, they are all very popular plantation shutter styles.

Full height shutters

interior shutters bay window

Full-height shutters cover the entire window. Simply control the tilt rod or louvers / slats of the shutters to control the light. Like tier on tier shutters, you can control the light according to the independent movement of the upper and lower slats and prevent others from seeing your privacy and safety.

Cafe style shutters bay window

cafe style shutters bay window

Half shutters for bay windows, Cafe style shutters bay windows cover half of the window, and only cover the lower half of the window, allowing light and air to enter, while maintaining the privacy of the lower half of the window.

Solid shutters for bay windows

solid shutters for bay windows

Solid shutters are solid wood panels that completely cover the windows. Solid shutters have been used in the UK for hundreds of years. They provide a more traditional decoration for decorating indoor windows. The panel opens and closes like day and night.

Goodwood produces many styles of shutters, in addition to Cafe Style Shutters, Tier on Tier Shutters and Solid Panel Shutters, there are also sliding, hinged, Bi-fold and shaped shutters, and a variety of color options for you to choose. It can be customized for you. Whether it is a Victorian bay window or a modern framed bay window, plantation shutters is an ideal solution.

In addition to manufacturing interior shutters for bay window, Goodwood also supplies exterior shutters for bay window decoration.

Goodwood Shutters

Bay window shutters manufacturer and supplier

Xiamen Goodwood is a leading manufacturer and supplier of interior plantation shutters in China. All bay window plantation shutters are manufactured by our plantation shutter factory in China. Bay window shutters are elegant, practical, durable and easy to maintain, and are favored by European and American shutter wholesale companies. Many local shutter companies or wholesalers in the UK and Europe visited our factory and ordered a large quantity of shutters and its components.

Are you ready to start the shutters business with us? To save your time and cost of bay window shutters, contact us for a quote now. We provide customers with excellent service, satisfactory quality and competitive prices.