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Bedroom Shutters

bedroom window shutters

There are many window treatments for bedroom, such as canvas curtains, blinds and plantation shutters. The shutters have a history of hundreds of years in the UK. Compared with blinds, plantation shutters is definitely the most practical and original solution. The shutters manufactured and supplied by Xiamen Goodwood are very popular abroad, such as the UK, Europe and North America. Wholesale companies in these regions have been cooperating with us for many years.

bedroom shutters

Bedroom window shutters not only provide you with a variety of functional advantages, but also very importantly, it can also add value to your house property.

The advantages of bedroom shutters

The plantation shutters for bedroom can not only keep the privacy of the bedroom, but also ventilate, allowing you to enjoy the scenery through the window. The advantages of bedroom shutters have the following:

  • Simple control of light angle: Using plantation shutters in the bedroom, even in the daytime, simply controlling the angle of the slats of the shutters can darken the bedroom and sleep like night. No need for blackout curtains.
  • No dangerous rope: A simple control shutter tilt rod or slat can open and close the plantation shutters, which means there is no dangerous hanging rope. Don't worry about the safety of children in the bedroom.
  • Easy to clean: Just wipe it with a damp cloth. Still as new.
  • Heat insulation and noise reduction: Our wooden/PVC shutters have heat insulation and noise reduction effects, so you can sleep at ease.
bedroom shutters solid wood panel

Under normal circumstances, the shutters with slats can control 90-95% of the light in the bedroom. But if you want to completely control the light to darken the room, solid panel shutters are the best solution.

Therefore, plantation shutters is the best solution for bedroom window decoration. The shutters manufactured by Goodwood can have a variety of shutters styles, colors and custom shutters. Install shutters on any window of any shape and size.

Wooden shutters or PVC shutters, which is more suitable for bedroom window treatment?

Which one is more suitable for bedroom window treatments, wooden shutters or PVC shutters? This question is our end customer problem, but as a Chinese shutter manufacturer Goodwood tells you. Both materials are suitable for installation in the bedroom, and both are perfect solutions. Compared with wooden shutters, PVC shutters are more affordable. But wooden shutters are more atmospheric and luxurious. The plantation shutters in master bedroom, wooden shutters are often installed to reflect the owner's taste.

plantation shutters bedroom

But these can only be recognized by people who are very familiar, because the PVC shutters produced by Goodwood can also be made like wood. On the surface, it is difficult to distinguish between PVC and wood shutters because they are so similar that the answer can only be known by cutting the louvers/slats of the shutters.

Which style is suitable for bedroom shutters?

The shutters can be installed with different shutters according to different windows. The shutters made by Goowood are of various styles. Hinged shutters, tier-on-tier shutters and solid panel shutters are commonly used in bedrooms. Of course, if your bedroom windows have special shapes, A local wholesaler or distributor of shutters is required to measure and customize suitable bedroom shutters.

bedroom shutters for windows

Our shutters tilt rod also have central tilt rod, hidden tilt rod and gear system (simple tilt rod ) and other options for you to choose from.

Can I use customized colors for my child's bedroom?

Of course. You can use your favorite color matching scheme in children's bedroom. However, from most of the shutter wholesalers' orders, white bedroom shutters are the most popular.

bedroom window shutters

You can find your favorite color options in Goodwood's wooden shutters and PVC shutters. Then contact us, we will manufacture shutters in batches according to your needs.

Goodwood shutters

Xiamen Goodwood is a leading manufacturer and supplier of plantation shutters in China. All bedroom shutters are manufactured by our own plantation shutter factory in China.The bedroom window shutters are elegant, practical, durable, and easy to maintain, which are favored by European and American shutter wholesale companies. Many local shutter suppliers and wholesalers in the UK and Europe have come to our factory to visit and order large amounts of shutters and its components.

If you are interested in Goodwood shutters and need advice on your bedroom shutters, please contact us, we provide good service, satisfied quality and competitive price to our customers.