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Benefits of tracked shutters for Bi-fold doors

In recent years, bi-fold doors have become popular. Their simple design provides you with uninterrupted access to your garden, patio, or balcony, allowing your outdoor and indoor spaces to merge together for an increased sense of light and space. Here are some reasons why tracked shutters are such a good fit with bifold doors.

1. Smart and Stylish

Tracked shutters work in a concertina fashion. Mounted and run on a track rather than hung, they can be neatly folded away to one side of your bifold doors when you want full access or to let lots of light and fresh air in. They are very smart in design and provide a clean and tidy window dressing solution for large windows and bifold doors that will create a lovely feature for any style of decor.

2. Light Control


Tracked shutters provide you with lots of control over the amount of light you let into your room. Rooms with bifold doors can often have problems with glare, due to the large amount of glazing, but tracked shutters can help you to control this, without losing the view or restricting the ability to keep your bifold doors open. Choose to open up the window completely by moving the shutters to the side, soften the light coming in by tilting the louvres or block it out completely by pulling the shutters across the window and closing the louvres.

3. Privacy Control


Bifold doors are designed to flood a room with light, but if you want to create some extra privacy from your large bifold doors, tracked shutters are a great solution. Pull the tracked bifold shutters shut to provide full coverage and complete privacy. Or, if you want partial privacy without blocking out the light, simply tilt the louvres as required.

4. Temperature Control


With large expanses of glass, bifold doors can sometimes leave a room feeling too hot or too cold. If, during the winter months, your bifold doors are making your room feel cold, tracked shutters can provide an extra layer of insulation, trapping the heat in. Conversely, tracked plantation shutters can help to keep your room cool on hot summer days.

5. Hardwearing

Made from strong and robust wood, or PVC, tracked shutters are extremely durable and will stand the test of time, even with frequent use. All of our shutters are custom made to fit to ensure they work perfectly and will provide you with excellent window coverage.

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