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Can We Combine Shutters with Curtains?

Plantation shutters are a complete window covering product in themselves, with style and function. When installing plantation shutters, you don't need to worry about blackout curtains or any other types of fabrics. Instead, you can use the tilt rod to control the louvers (horizontal blades). In this way, you can shine as much direct sunlight into your home as possible.

However, many homeowners appreciate the various styles, colors and design versatility of curtains. If you want to incorporate curtains into the beauty of the windows, you can match them perfectly with plantation shutters. Long and flowing curtains can be combined with traditional and modern plantation shutters, to create a dramatic indoor effect. Certain types of shutters, such as cafe shutters, are even very suitable for fabric treatment. For example, Valances is often used with cafe shutters.

Cafe style shutters with short curtains

Which rooms should have curtains?

When homeowners use curtains with plantation shutters, they usually install curtains in the living room or bedroom. This is understandable, because curtains can make the room feel comfortable. Valances of the kitchen or dining area is also very common. Many curtain enthusiasts still decide not to use curtains in every room of the house. For example, in children's bedrooms, plantation shutters are considered a safer window treatment method than blinds or curtains. There is no hanging material on plantation shutters, and curious young children often like to wrap themselves in curtains or drag on fabrics. This can easily cause the curtain rod to collapse. If you do choose to use curtains in your child's nursery, choose hanging cloths or other fabrics that do not fall. You should also remove your child's bed or favorite items (such as toy boxes) from the window.

Hanging curtains with plantation shutters

Generally speaking, hanging curtains can be tricky, but when you hang curtains on plantation shutters, there are some additional rules to keep in mind. It is usually recommended to install the curtain rod a few inches above the window or close to the ceiling. This is a design practice that enhances the appearance of windows, making them look longer and the ceilings look higher. You also need to make sure that the curtain rod is long enough so that the plantation shutters can be easily accessed when the curtain is hanging.

Depending on your window type, you can choose short curtains or long curtains. If you have traditional windows and need long curtains, designers usually recommend that they touch the floor.

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