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Classic Crosshead Polyurethane

Classic Crosshead Polyurethane
Classic Crosshead Polyurethane
Classic Crosshead Polyurethane


Polyurethane Millwork

Pack Quantity:

1 Pcs/Pack

Product Texture:

Smooth/Stone/Woodgrain/Grained, Artificial Design.


Interior or Exterior Decoration.

Density Range:

140 kg/m3~800kg/m3 or even higher, can be customized.

Polyurethane Advantages:

Weather proof, Water proof, Non-toxic, Easy maintenance, Great Insulation.

Production Time:

15 days for regular products (Except for customized products).


SGS-SVHC test report.

About Polyurethane Crossheads

Polyurethane Crosshead

Accentuate your home's architecture with GoodWood Crossheads. Ideal for adding a decorative touch to windows and doors, our crossheads are carefully contoured to complement a wide array of home styles.

Polyurethane (PU) application

Exterior decorative polyurethane Crosshead, Pediment, Keystone, Pilaster, Trims, Louvre, Shutter, Mouldings, Decorative Millworks and Railings.

Polyurethane Characters & Advantages

ANTI ULTRAVIOLET - polyurethane characters and advantages


EASY TO INSTALL - polyurethane characters and advantages

Light weight, Easy Installation without special tools.

LOW MAINTENANCE - polyurethane characters and advantages

Lasting performance and minimal upkeep.

NON TOXIC - polyurethane characters and advantages

Eco-friendly, non-toxic.

READY TO PAINT - polyurethane characters and advantages

Polyurethane smooth or woodgrain - comes pre-primed and ready to paint or stain.

RESISTS INSECTS - polyurethane characters and advantages

Our closed-cell polyurethane is resistant to instects.

WATER PROOF - polyurethane characters and advantages

Ideal for moisture-prone spaces, will not expand and crack because of water absorption.

WEATHER PROOF - polyurethane characters and advantages

Beautiful and durable in all seasons, withstands the elements better than tradition materials.

Product Specifications:

Foaming Agent: the latest 4th generation LBA and FEA 1100, highest standard for California USA.
Flame Retardant Grade: National B2
Temperature range: -40℃ to 70℃
Lifespan: for life, same as building.
Quantity of Existing moulds: over 3,500 types.
Tooling time: 7 days

Any shape, any design can be available, superior insulation characters.

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