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Door Shutters

Plantation shutters for Doors

Plantation shutters for doors have the same advantages as window shutters, and they are both ideal window treatment solutions. Plantation shutters for sliding, french and patio doors are the most common.

shutters for french doors

Door shutters are ideal for indoor partitions. Commonly used are kitchen doors and patio doors. It is very popular in Australia, Britain, Europe and North America. China Goodwood is a professional manufacturer of interior plantation shutters manufacturing window shutters, door shutters and shutter components. Plantation shutters for french / sliding doors are very popular in the UK and Europe. Many local shutter wholesale companies have maintained continuous business relationships with us. If you are interested in door shutters or need customized shutters business, please contact us or call.

Plantation shutter style doors

Common door shutter styles are listed below.

Plantation shutters for sliding door

Plantation shutters for sliding doors

Plantation shutters for sliding doors - also known as tracking system door shutters - are a ideal for those larger doors and a wonderfully practical way to separate rooms. Sliding door shutters are available in Bi-fold or Bi-pass track systems.

Plantation shutters for patio doors

Plantation shutters for patio doors

Plantation shutters are not only used for windows, but also door shutters are often used to decorate the partition between the patio and the room, patio doors slide along a track and open to the side. Tracked shutters for patio doors are the most common style.

Plantation shutters for french doors

Plantation shutters for french doors

When installing shutters in your home, don't forget the interior doors! The beauty of shutters is not limited to windows. Plantation shutters are the perfect cover for indoor French doors and windows because they are the best solution for door decoration and can guarantee the same long service life as your French doors.

The interior French door itself is a wonderful tool for comfort. The large glass panel provides plenty of light while helping to improve air circulation and keep the room cool in summer. The french door shutters can be opened diagonally or fully opened, light and air flow can still be obtained when needed. Therefore, installing French door shutters can not only keep the temperature of the room in a comfortable state, but also the best solution for French door decoration.

French door plantation shutters are permanently installed on the non-glass part of the door. It will not open like blinds or curtains, nor will it make a harsh creaking sound when the cover brushes the door.

Traditionally, plantation shutters for french doors are two identical doors side-by-side that open outwards (in most cases) to create a spacious route into the garden.

Whether it is leading to a garden, balcony or terrace, plantation shutters for French doors is an ideal solution.

Plantation shutters for bifold doors

plantation shutters for bifold doors

Whether you favour a contemporary or classic style, plantation shutters for bifold doors are the solution for your larger windows, patio doors, or as room dividers. The beauty of bi-fold is that you can tuck the shutters out of the way, providing easy access whenever it is needed.

Poly shutters for sliding doors

What is the best material to use for shutters for over doors?

As with our sliding shutters, the best materials for door shutters are wood and PVC(Poly/plastic). These two materials are used for window shutters and are very common, and are also the best solution for door shutters.

wood shutters for sliding doors

Door shutter color

Shutters for doors

Usually the color of door shutters is white or wood color. But Goodwood can provide a variety of customized colors according to your preferences.

Goodwood Shutters

Xiamen Goodwood is a leading manufacturer and supplier of interior plantation shutters in China. All shutters for doors are manufactured by our plantation shutter factory in China. Plantation shutters for doors are elegant, practical, durable and easy to maintain, and are favored by European and American shutter wholesale companies. Many local shutter companies or wholesalers in the UK and Europe visited our factory and ordered a large quantity of shutters and its components.

Are you ready to start the plantation shutters business with us? To save your time and cost of plantation shutters, contact us for a quote now. We provide customers with excellent service, satisfactory quality and competitive prices.