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How does Goodwood Carry out Quality Control on the Shutter Components?

Every week, Goodwood ships around 15*40HQ shutter components to customers all over the world. With competitive price and the superior quality, we become the leading shutter and shutter component supplier in this industry. Why can our shutter components keep the same great quality for more than 20 years that the top shutter fabricators choose us? Because of the Strict Quality Control. How do we carry out the quality control? Here below you can see:

1.Raw Material Control

For poly shutter components, the purchasing department controls from buying the grade A material for extrusion workshop and making sure not any recycled material for vinyl extrusion.


For wooden shutter components, our boss visited the suppliers and selected the best supplying, i.e for Radiata pine we buy from the biggest factory in New Zealand. All the fresh and nice texture wooden board are bought in large quantity every month.

All of the paintworks is carried out using water-based paints. And all paint are purchased from the same paint factory nominated by our boss.

2.Production Control


Our engineers stay in the factories all the time, who all have an average 35 years working experience in the industry. They guide the production line updating the technology and machines (we design some machines ourselves to achieve lower wastage and speed up production capacity), use advanced colorimeter to make sure each shipment will be color matched, advanced measuring machines to make sure the components and sizes are within tolerance. Any unqualified components will be rejected by our engineers and only qualified profiles you will receive from Goodwood.

3.Secure Package Control


For shutter components, we pack the profiles into cartons, or crates and sometime customers prefer carton and crate together. Our engineer team will inspect and make sure the package strong enough, with correct marks and information matching. Tidy and well organized containers are what you will get from us, not damage during transportation.

You can just feel free to contact us for more information. You will be happy with our poly shutter components, prices, on-time delivery and good service.

About Goodwood Shutters

Xiamen Goodwood is the leading China manufacturer and supplier of plantation shutters, producing interior wooden shutter components, painted/unpainted poly shutter components and use our own components for assembling shutters to ensure superior quality from material to finish shutters and make price competitive in this industry. We have already build good business relationships with some shutter companies in Australia, the United States, Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Europe.

If you are plantation shutter distributors, interior window shutter wholesalers or bespoke shutters retailers, please feel free to contact us. Goodwood focus working with a few clients, and offer 100% support to each one. No only the bespoke shutters are available, we have a strong sourcing department and engineers to support your any special requirement and development. We are not only your supplier, but your partner and technical supporter. Goodwood commit to provide customers with excellent service, satisfactory quality and competitive prices, help you expand your market and save plantation shutters cost!