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How To Choose A Shutter for Your Bathroom

Here I'd like to introduce how to choose a right shutter for your bathroom, There are several factors you need to take into consideration: ie: Shutter Material and Styles etc. Check the details below:

Plantation Shutter Materials

Currently, You can find the window shutter with a variety of materials on the market like: Wood, Aluminum, MDF and Pvc etc.

  • Wood Shutter
  • Aluminum Shutter
  • MDF Shutter
  • PVC Shutter

wood-shutterWood Shutter

aluminum-shutterAluminum Shutter

mdf-shutterMDF Shutter

pvc-shutter-for-bathroomPVC Shutter

Here I'd like to recommend the pvc material shutter for you bathroom (Waterproof Shutters), The main reason is Pvc material shutter which is water-proof, it will not rot in the damp environment, besides, poly shutter will be easy for cleaning and maintaining, You know, we will use the bathroom frequently, When you shower, it's easy to put water stains on the Windows, For pvc material shutter, you just need to use a wet fabric to clean it, Quite simple and easy.

Plantation Shutter Styles

Once we get the material confirmed, We still need to select the color, Style, and we don't need to worry the shape, as the pvc shutter can be made any design and shapes fully match your window.

Color, we highly recommend the white, White shutters look clean and bright and will not make an already small room look any smaller. Bright colors make a room look more open than darker colors,

For the style: you can choose full height shutter, café style shutter or other shape shutter which will depends on your window and your preference, below are several pictures for your reference:

full-height-shutterFull Height Shutter

cafe-style-shutterCafé Style Shutter

About Goodwood Shutters

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