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How to choose the correct louver size for plantation shutter?

Louvers are angled strips or slats with fixed intervals for shutters. what size slats on shutters is best? After comparing four different shutter louver size, you will decide the best louver/ slats size you should choose.

shutter louver size comparison

The size of the plantation shutter louvers will determine the privacy of your room, the amount of light and ventilation, and the field of view that you can see when the louvers are open at 90 degrees. The wider the louvers, the larger the space between the louvers will be when fully opened.

Plantation Shutter Slat Sizes

There are mainly four different shutter louver sizes to choose from: 1.5 inches (Small); 2.5 inches (Medium); 3.5 inches (Large); 4.5 inches (Very large).

plantation shutter slat sizes

Each of the above louver sizes looks good in its own settings, and there are no quick or strict rules on how to choose them. Usually, the panel size you choose will determine the best louver size you should choose.

Small Louvers (1.5 inches)

1.5 inches shutter louver sizes

Small 1.5-inch louvers are not as popular as they were a few years ago, when the focus was on smaller louvers and narrower panels. The important thing you should keep in mind is that as the louvers become narrower, there are more louvers on each panel. Smaller blades tend to reduce the view and light through shutters. This causes the viewer to focus more on the shutter than those outside the shutter. Smaller louvers will also make your outdoor view more obstructed and plantation shutter replacement slats are more difficult. One advantage of small louvers is that there is no need for a gap between the frame and the back of the shutters, which is ideal if there is no deep recess.

Medium Louvers (2.5 inches)

Since in most homes, after fixed shutters, shutters are usually kept closed and only adjusted to allow light to enter, it may be better to choose a larger size.

The best size of shutter slats is 2.5 inches

What size slats on shutters is best? The most popular louver size is 2.5 inches; this is because it fits most windows. Medium louvers can provide you with outdoor views through custom shutters, and allow enough light to enter the room. They are ideal if you want to darken a room when it's too bright or want to hide ugly views. The 2.5-inch blade does not extend beyond the rear edge of the standard shutter frame, which is perfect for most situations.

Large Louvers (3.5 &4.5 inches)

If you have picturesque scenery and want to maximize the light entering your home, 3.5-inch louvers are your best choice. Larger louvers mean less space is required to cover the windows, and when they are opened, there will be more space between them for light and air. With large louvers, the outdoor view will not be obstructed, and your eyes will naturally be drawn to the outdoors without having to focus on the shutters and It is easier to replacement plantation shutter slats.

When considering the size of the louvers, you should determine whether your preferred louver size will be obstructed by obstacles such as window glass or window cranks when closing and opening. louvers require a certain amount of space to function properly. The large louvers do extend beyond the rear edge of the standard shutter frame. Therefore, a slightly larger frame is sometimes required to ensure that the blade does not touch the handle of the window. 3.5-inch blinds are suitable for large windows that have wider single-shutter panels instead of smaller bi-folded shutter panels.

4.5 inch Plantation Shutters

In most cases, large louver (4.5 inches) will not be used, because the louvers may be dominant if used in the wrong setting. It is best used in large rooms with large openings (such as floor-to-ceiling windows).

4.5 inch Plantation Shutters

When choosing a suitable louver size for the shutters, the curb appeal of the house should also be considered when viewing the shutters from the outside. The architectural structure of your house will also affect the size of the louvers you should choose. In addition, please remember that no matter what is outside the window, the beauty of the shutters is independent.

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