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How to make more competitive concealed tilt shutters?

Concealed mechanism for plantation shutters

hidden tilt rod mechanism for plantation shutters

China Goodwood produces plantation shutters with tilt bar or without. Now, Goodwood design a cheaper option for clear view shutters, it is plastics concealed gear bar, the top of pinion suit the aluminum core louvers for easy installation and the rack of gear bar would be inserted into hollow stiles, it works well if the panels would be made within the limit on width and drops. you can see more from shutter tilt rod (Gear system: easy tilt rod).

See below picture for your information, pls come to us for pricing etc.

Plastic concealed bar for plantation shutters

Plastic concealed bar for plantation shutters

Concealed tilt rod shutters

Concealed inserted into hollow stiles and aluminum core louvers, very easy for installing.

Our wholesale retailer/ distributor will choose the best shutters solution according to user needs and costs.

Goodwood Shutters

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