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How to measure corner windows for fit plantation shutters

A corner window arises when two windows meet at the corner of a room. How to design this kind of plantation shutters? We can design one frame to occupy your entire corner window, with a special corner post supporting the panels in the corner of your window. Please check the below instructions for measuring up for a corner window.


Let's begin by separating your corner window into two separate windows - Left Corner Window (L) & Right Corner Window (R). We start measuring from the left.

Taking an Inside L-frame as an example:


1. Measure the width of the left Window (L)

  • Start inside and on the very edge of the left hand recess.
  • Measure to the corner (the point where the two recesses meet).
  • Measure this distance in 2 different places.
  • Mark your Measure Point L with a pencil.

2. Measure the width of the right Window (R)


Start at Measure Point L and measure to the end of your right window recess.

Measure this distance in 2 different places.

3.Measure the drop

From bottom to top in 3 different places.

4. Select the smallest of your 3 measurements

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