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interior or exterior window shutters

Exterior window shutters and interior window shutters are very common in buildings in the UK, Europe and the United States. Due to the different installation positions, they are divided into external and internal. Each type of shutters is specially designed and installed outside or inside the windows of the building to complete certain functions or decorations. Most of the indoor shutters are custom-made shutters .

interior or exterior window shutters

Interior Shutters

Interior shutters are installed inside the windows of the house. Many advantages make it a beautiful and elegant window treatment option. Interior shutters are low-cost insulators that can adjust the temperature inside the house to a temperature that you feel comfortable.

You can set the shutter slats to any angle to control the light in the room. By closing the slats tightly, hardly any light is allowed to enter. This also prevents curious and intruders from seeing your house!

plantation shutter color options

Interior shutters can be customized according to material, shape, size and color, and will not collect dust and dirt like other curtains, and these dust and dirt will gather and multiply allergens.

Plantation shutters are also the most versatile window treatments on the market, suitable for any home decoration. These shutters will not fade and are very durable. They can be made of solid wood, man-made materials or PVC.

interior plantation shutter

Exterior Shutters

Exterior shutters are installed outside the windows of your home. It is mainly divided into two categories, decorative and protective. There are four main types of exterior shutters: paneled, louvered panel, board and batton and Bermuda.

decorative exterior shutters

If you live in an area where it rarely rains or suffers from natural disasters, decorative exterior shutters are very useful. The polyurethane exterior shutters manufactured by Goodgood are available in many styles or colors, and their beauty completely improves the look, feel and value of your house.

On the contrary, the protective exterior shutters. When you close the shutters, it can block the flying debris from storms, freezing, and even hot summer weather.

Goodwood Shutters

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