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Kitchen Shutters

Kitchen shutters are not only window treatments but also common interior plantation shutters in our homes. The plantation shutters can be made in many different styles and materials, giving you a stunning appearance in your home.

plantation shutters kitchen window

Which kitchen window treatments are practical?

Compared with fabric curtains and fabric kitchen blinds, plantation shutters are the most practical.

kitchen window shutters interior

To cope with the humid environment in the kitchen, hang curtains on the windows, the fabric will absorb moisture, absorb the smell of cooking and mold. Removing and cleaning them is a time-consuming and labor-intensive work. After the curtains are cleaned, they need to be installed back, which is very troublesome and laborious.

In addition, some kitchen blinds may block part of the window when opened thereby preventing light from entering the room. Some blinds design cannot uniquely and effectively control the light through the upper and lower positions,and may be bent due to humidity.

Therefore, seen from above comparison that plantation shutters is the most practical. Plantation shutters do not absorb cooking odors, are simple to maintain, easy to clean (just wipe with a damp cloth), and resist moisture. Give you time to prepare and share food instead of doing housework.

kitchen shutters

Advantages of kitchen shutters

Simply control the slats of the plantation shutters to block light and protect privacy. You can also look at the beautiful scenery ie: showing off your garden and even open the entire panel of the shutters let you see the panorama. The shutters are not only practical but also very easy to clean, just wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

What are the benefits of kitchen window shutters? In short, the shutters in the kitchen have the function of protection. They are stylish, durable, safe, easy to clean and will not retain dust,fat or odors.

What is the best material for kitchen shutters?

Compared with fabric kitchen blinds and wooden shutters, we recommend using pvc shutters for kitchen window to achieve waterproof function. Protect the kitchen shutters from mildew and rot due to water splash or a large amount of steam damage. we provide 100% waterproof shutters, they are made of vinyl and will not warp or shrink, always look the same as new.

What is the most popular style of kitchen shutters?

kitchen window shutters cafe style

Cafe style shutters are the most popular style for kitchen shutters. The below half of shutter will increases the privacy of the kitchen space and has plenty of light to illuminate the space

In addition to Café style shutter, you can also choose tier-on-tier shutters to enhance privacy. Allows you to independently operate the top and bottom slats of the shutters. You will add a layer of protection to your home. You can even add a lock so that the windows can keep breeze and light on warm days, but still deter potential intruders.

plantation shutters kitchen

Goodwood shutters

Xiamen Goodwood is Chinese leading manufacturer and supplier of interior plantation shutters. We have produced, supplied, and wholesale a large number of kitchen shutters and shutter components. Our main customers are the largest shutter wholesale companies and factories in the UK, Europe, Australia, North America and South Africa. The high-quality interior shutters we manufacture are suitable for kitchen windows, shutter kitchen cabinets, and wardrobes; even office places, hotels, etc. customization of interior window shutters of any shape, size and color is also provided.

We promise to provide our customers with perfect service, satisfactory quality and competitive price. Everything reduces the wholesale cost of plantation shutters for our wholesalers.

For more options of kitchen window shutters, please contact us.