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Living Room Shutters

Plantation shutters in living room. The living room (or lounge) is not only a space for you and your family to activities, but also a place for guests to socialize. It is very important to decorate a correct atmosphere and appearance for living room. The PVC shutters and wooden shutters manufactured and supplied by Goodwood can enhance the appearance of interior living room decoration. Our American or UK shutters wholesalers will design and customize different shutters according to the needs of different customers, so that the living room window decoration is more personalized and amazing.

living room shutters

Plantation shutters are ideal window decorations for any home living room. Installed in just a few hours, the shutters can make your living room from ordinary to extraordinary.

The advantages of living room shutters

Control the lights

One of the biggest advantages of the living room shutters is that they allow you to fully control the light. You close all the louver slats, or you can open them all to allow sunlight to enter. With plantation shutters, you can also choose to adjust the slats to reduce the light level, thereby making the mood more relaxing.


In any living room, good privacy protection is essential. Many modern living room blinds or curtains can only provide privacy when they are completely closed. However, with living room plantation shutters, you have the best of both worlds. Simply tilt the slats to gain privacy while enjoying natural light.

What is the most popular color for living room window shutters?

living room window shutters

Among our shutter wholesalers, the most popular customized color is the white series of shutters. Our end customers choose this natural white color to match the living room window shutters, because the shutters are very durable curtains, so this neutral color choice allows you to frequently change the walls and surrounding environment, and at the same time can perfectly match the shutters. White wooden shutters can also provide more light reflection to illuminate the room.

Some people who have design ideas for living room windows will also customize colorful shutters and design shutters of different colors to match interior windows. Goodwood can manufacture interior shutters in different colors and shapes to meet the needs of different shutter wholesalers.

What is the most popular style of plantation shutters in living room?

plantation shutters in living room

The most popular style of plantation shutters in living room is our hinged shutters, which can extend the height of the window (also called full-height shutters). This style can not only enhance light control in the living room, but also protect privacy.

Can I install shutters on the bay windows of my lounge?

lounge shutters

Of course, the effect of installing shutters on the bay window in the living room is very good. The shutters provide privacy, security and style, while highlighting the natural shape of the bay windows. The bay window shutters make our lounge more beautiful.

Design ideas for large windows in the living room

living room plantation shutters

It is not easy to find modern window decorations for large windows in the living room. With shutters, you can become completely flexible. If you want to use a smaller panel, you can install bifold shutters. If you want to use a larger panel, you can install sliding shutters. Of course, there are more different plantation shutter styles to choose from, such as tier-on-tier shutters.

In short, the living room is an important area of ​​our home. Installing shutters in the interior living room can let you have a warm and beautiful home.