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Plantation Shutter Tilt Rod Options

Plantation shutters feature louvers that rotate open and closed to control the level of privacy and sunlight in the room. All shutters have a tilt rod connecting the louvers to one another so that multiple louvers move up and down together at the same time.

Central tilt rod


Traditional plantation shutters feature a central tilt rod, which is a narrow bar that goes down the middle of each shutter panel, used to raise and lower the louvers. Utilizing the central tilt rod to open and close your louvers will minimize fingerprints on your louvers by not having to turn them by hand.

Offset tilt rod


An offset tilt rod offers the same functions and styles of the centre tilt rod but instead the road can be placed either on the opening side or hinge side of the shutter panel. Offsetting the tilt rod can add a sleeker and minimal look to your shutters and are most popular on our range of shaped shutters.

Hidden tilt rod


We also offer a hidden tilt rod, discretely placed at the back of the panel, tucked in near the hinges, so it is not visible from inside the room. You would turn the louvers by hand to open and close them. This option keeps your view free and clear, and minimizes the amount of lines for a clean, sleek look.

Easy tilt system


Easy tilt system is also available. This is a new design which is quite popular in the European countries especially in the UK. An operating mechanism is built into the shutter panel itself, enabling the louvres to be adjusted altogether by hand.

About Goodwood Shutters

Xiamen Goodwood is the leading China manufacturer and supplier of plantation shutters, producing interior wooden shutter components, painted/unpainted poly shutter components and use our own components for assembling shutters to ensure superior quality from material to finish shutters and make price competitive in this industry. We have already build good business relationships with some shutter companies in Australia, the United States, Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Europe.

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