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Plantation Shutters vs Blinds

Blinds vs shutters which is better for window treatments in your homes, and improve the investment value and grade of the house? What are shutters vs blinds pros and cons? Our end customers encounter problems when choosing window decorations. Today we will introduce plantation shutters vs blinds (faux wood blinds, roller blinds and venetian blinds). Hope it will be helpful to you.

Plantation shutters vs blinds:

In the picture below, the difference between blinds and shutters can be clearly distinguished, plantation shutters vs faux/ wood blinds which should you choose? plantation shutters or wood blinds?

plantation shutters vs faux wood blinds

Plantation shutters vs blinds play an important role in the interior design of your house. When choosing between shutters and blinds, there are many different factors to consider: budget, personal preferences and placement. After comparing the cost of plantation shutters vs blinds, you will know the answer.

Cost of plantation shutters vs blinds

Shutters vs Blinds

Blinds vs ShuttersBlindsShutters
Cost/ PriceModerateExpensive -An Investment
QualityModerateBetter longevity, Better insulation, Warmer, Softer and Better quality.
MaterialsAluminum, Vinyl, Wood, Bamboo, Faux Wood, Heavy Fabrics For VerticalsWood, Faux Wood, PVC (Vinyl/ Poly)
MaintenanceEasy, but the louvers are smaller and more difficult.Easy
Privacy & Light ControlBest Light Control - Great PrivacyGreat Light Control - Best Privacy

Cost of plantation shutters vs blinds

Moderate priceExpensive, An Investment

Shutters vs blinds pros and cons

Now we look at the benefits of shutters vs blinds:

Blinds vs ShuttersBlindsShutters
ProsInstalled and changed easily, Cheaper.Elegant, Practical, Durable and easy to maintain, Control the temperature, Manipulate the light stream, Improve house value
ConsEasier to damage, Fabric blinds will fade and pain to cleanExpensive

shutters or blinds which is better?

From the cost of plantation shutters vs blinds, blinds (faux wood blinds, roller blinds and venetian blinds) is cheaper. Although this lower price may choose it, but you need to consider the issue of replacing window treatments.

From the quality of shutters vs blinds, the quality of blinds is average, the use time is short, and it is easy to age, fade or even break. On the contrary, Plantation shutters has better longevity, better insulation, warmer, softer and better quality. Over time, the money spent on constant replacement of blinds will certainly increase.

From the investment philosophy of blinds vs shutters, plantation shutters has been proven to improve the resale value of houses. The elegant of plantation shutters are a permanent fixture in your home, and if you plan to sell it, it can be more valuable than houses of the same level.

From the energy efficiency of blinds vs shutters, plantation shutters can provide your house with higher energy efficiency. The plantation shutters are more and more popular in the market. That's because of not only their elegant appearance but also their comfortable capability. They will make you cool in summer and warm in winter. In the winter, you will feel warm when opening the louvers to let sunlight coming through. And you also can close the louvers to stop the cold air to enter in because of its good airtight function. Plantation shutters are great options if your house is getting too hot in summer. The plantation shutters are 100% UV protective and shield your home from radiation (heat). These advantages cannot be provided by blinds.

From the cleaning and maintenance of plantation shutters vs blinds, shutters is easier than blinds. The blinds are usually very thin and is adjusted with a drawstring to maintain stability, so that the space between the various louvers is small. This may make it cumbersome to clean them individually. Especially the smaller louvers, the more difficult it is to clean. Plantation shutters, conversely, have more space between louvers and no cords separating the sections, making dust and cleaning work a breeze. No ropes means that there is no need to worry about pulling or worrying that the ropes will fray, break, become tangled or rattles over time.

From the privacy and light control of blinds vs shutters, both can control light and privacy very well.

Therefore, if your budget cost is not much, then you can choose blinds. If you have ample budget and investment philosophy, then plantation shutters is the most ideal window treatments.

What's the difference between shutters and blinds?

The main difference between blinds and shutters is their structure. The shutters are solid and are permanently fixed to the side of the window by hardware fittings. The blinds are usually only fixed on the top of the window, and the louvers can be pulled to the top.

Wood blinds vs Wood plantation shutters

plantation shutters vs wood blinds

In the picture above, the difference between wood blinds and wood plantation shutters can be clearly distinguished. Although the cost of plantation shutters and wood blinds is different, you should be able to choose according to your own situation.

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