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Shutter Caps, Several Caps Introduction On Shutter Assembling

As we known, a plantation shutter assembling is a complicate job, Many shutter components, plastic parts (Shutter Caps) and shutter hardwares be used, and plantation shutter tilt rod end caps. Especially if you are not in this line, it will be a big headache for you to recognize these parts. Don't worry, In this article, Xiamen Goodwood will introduce several caps which be used in plantation shutter for you first, details attached below:

Flat Hole Plug of Shutter

This kind of plug normally be used to cover the holes of tension screw and the holes of top/bottom rail link with the stiles.

flat hole plugs of shutter

Plugs for rabbet stile

This kind of stile is special for the rabbet stile of shutter, as we know the side of rabbet stile is not flat so such plug was be designed to match the shape of rabbet.

plugs for rabbeted stiles shutters

Plantation Shutter End Caps

Wood /vinyl plantation shutter end caps, Here has two kinds end cap, 1 is for the hollow stile where insert with the Aluminum Tube another is for the reinforced stile, kindly check below for the details.

Plantation Shutter End Caps

  • a.End Cap for the hollow stile with aluminum tube insert ( The end cap is same for square/rabbet/astragal stile)
  • b.End Cap for Reinforced Stile: here has two shapes: square one is for square and astragal stile, and the rectangle is for rabbet stile, take below pictures for reference.

Square End Cap for Square and Astragal Stile of shutter

plantation shutters square end caps

Rectangle End Cap for Rabbet Stile of shutter

plantation shutters rectangle end caps

There are many types of shutter caps, such as copper shutter caps, exterior shutter caps and shutter screws with caps. The shutter caps introduced here is mainly used for interior shutter.

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