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The QC Inspections of Goodwood Shutters

We always say a good products rely on good material, professional workers, excellent production process, but the high strictly QC is very important,Here I'd like to introduce what kinds of inspection Goodwood applicating to ensure the shutter quality:

1.First, Goodwood assemble the shutter with the shutter components made by ourselves, so only the qualified the components are allowed be used to assemble the ready made shutter.

2.Goodwood will do the pre-assembling of each shutter item to ensure the shutter be made correct and in good condition.

3.Strictly QC inspection will be applicated for the shutter after the pre-assembled, kindly check the details below:

a.Ensure the shutter after assembling is square, no deform

Shutters square diagonal inspection

b.Color checking: Ensure the order color is match the color swatch to avoid the color difference: (Picture took for keeping in file)

QC inspection of shutter color swatch

c.Size measuring: To ensure the production width and height are match order request(Picture took for keeping in file)

Shutters sizes inspection

d.Panel Closure Checking: Tension screw will be adjusted to ensure the panel has a good closure when necessary

Shutter Panel Closure Checking

e.Structure and special production request( Layout code, frames, middle rail, T-post, Mid Rail Split request Hardware and parts supply and relating position checking)

The QC Inspections of Shutters

f.Excellent Packing and Stock for Shipping

Shutter Packing

Goodwood Shutters

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