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The Supreme Basswood Shutters

Everyone loves the supreme quality products, and Basswood are one of those. Although the price of basswood shutters is higher, It is still the number one selling hardwood plantation shutters, especially in US market. Everybody loves basswood plantation shutters!

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More than 15 years, our basswood shutters are made from the Russian Basswood and sell all lover the world. These trees grow up in cold area and grows slowly which makes the lumber of best stability and can make the high quality shutter. The Light but Strong Window Shutters, let's see more advantages on it. Basswood shutters pros and cons.

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Strongest and Lightest

Basswood has a greater strength-to-weight ratio in its natural form than any other shutter material ever developed. Greater strength enables more custom shapes including longer louvers and extensions not possible with plastic or lesser materials. Strong and light Basswood shutter slats/ louvers can be extended further to create fewer, properly proportioned panels. These panels look better, weigh less and require less framing. More beautiful looking window shutters!

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It Stains Well

Because basswood exhibits a uniform texture and beautiful grain, staining it only amplifies its rich, natural wood look. It brings out the natural wood grain, and due to its unique composition, basswood happens to take stain very well. Basswood can also be painted easily. Very classical and highly textured plantation shutters!

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Resist Warping

Basswood is sturdy and very resistant to warping; it is not easily affected by heat and water. This means that you can use it in areas where you might not be able to use other types of wood without fear that your shutters will warp and start to look terrible. Very Strong and Flexible Custom Shutters!

basswood plantation shutters

It's A Renewable Resource

Basswood happens to be relatively easy to grow and harvest, meaning that it is a renewable resource. When you opt for plantation shutters made from basswood, you can rest assured that your interior design decisions aren't causing harm to the environment. Environmentally friendly Bespoke Shutters!

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If you are shutter distributor or retailer with certain quantity, welcome you to make inquiry and start talking with Goodwood, except basswood shutters, but also ashwood shutters, poly shutter, FSC certificated pine shutters and poplar shutter.

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Goodwood Shutters

Xiamen Goodwood is a leading manufacturer and supplier of interior plantation shutters in China. Producing timber shutter components, painted/unpainted poly shutter components and use our own components for assembling shutters to ensure superior quality from material to finish shutters and make price competitive in this industry. There are more and more large shutter suppliers in the UK, Europe and USA choose to build long-term partnerships with Xiamen Goodwood, contact us to talk about cooperation, we will help you expand your market!

If you are looking for a new reliable Basswood shutter supplier, please contact us, you will find value in China Goodwood. We provide solutions for shutter business owners to save your time and cost. Goodwood commit to provide customers with excellent service, satisfactory quality and competitive prices.