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Tips On Place A Plantation Shutters Order

How to place a shutters order? As we known, It's not easy to place a plantation shutter order, As there are so many details, if you have an online order system then that will be easy just fill in all the info request, but the online shutter order placing system still not commonly used, So most customer are still fill the details in a sheet then send such order sheet to factory to process the production, Here I'd like to introduce what kinds of details request when you place a shutter order, Pls kindly follow below details:

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1. Shutter Material: pls kindly mark it clear, normally you have the option for Pvc or Timber, if for timber , you still need to mark which wood species you preference: ie:: Basswood, Pine, Poplar or some other options.

2. Size: Normally the size be filled is the window reveal size, you should offer the height and width , the unit can be on mm or inch.

3. Shutters Inside mount or outside mount: As different mounted way, the deduction is different.

4. Window Type: you can fill this info based on your real request: ie: standard/ bay/ arch/ sling and bi-fold shutters etc.

5. Color: you need to mark the order you want, normally the shutter supplier will offer all the colors they are available for your choice, then the hinge be supplied will match the shutter color automatically.

6. Blade/ Louver Size: it's 2.5 inches /3.5 inches or 4.5 inches, more option will be available for timber shutter.

7. Midrail Height: if a window is too high then a midrail will request to ensure the quality, keep this column empty if no midrail request.

8. Mounting method: here you need to mark the way you want the panel linked with frames, normally it's hinged or fixed.

9. Layout Code: the info filled in this column will help factory to decide the hinge be fixed on which side of panel.

10. Panel Qty: The date marked here should be consistent with the layout code.

11. Shutter Frames Type: It depends on your preference and factory options, besides, you still need to mark how many sides of frames you want, or if you have special request on Top/ Bottom/ Left and Right side frames, pls mark it clearly.

12. Shutter Tilt Rod Type: Normally the option is Center Tilt Rod, OffSet Tilt Rod and Hidden Tilt Rod Shutters.

13. Shutter T-Post Qty and T-post Position: If a shutter is too big, then you will request to have a T-post to make the single panel narrow , in this case you should offer the T-post qty and each T-post Position for factory make the production.

14. If it's a sliding or bi-fold shutter, you still need to mark you want it open or closed, this will decide the gap between the shutter tracks system.

15. Some special comments request be filled if you have special request.

Hope above tips can give your some helps when you placing a plantation shutter order.

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