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Tracked Shutters, Bifold and Bypass Shutter

Tracking system shutters

We know there are many types of shutter, while only the sliding shutter has the track system. What's more sliding shutters including Bi-fold or By-pass and both these type operate with track systems. Bi-fold shutters can be folded back along the track whereas By-pass shutters slide in front or behind each other. Normally Bi-fold Shutter can give you a clear view of outside when you fold all the panels. While By-pass shutter normally as a room divider.

Tracked Shutters

Track systems Shutters are generally used for large wide windows, where more than the recommended number of panels are required to cover the window. They are ideal for patio or French doors as they give good support to the panels, without the need for a bottom frame.

Track plantation shutters for sliding glass doors

1. Bypass Shutter

By-pass plantation shutters for sliding glass doors. By-pass Shutter(Sliding Shutters) panels can be slid one behind another to either or both sides.

Bypass Shutter

Sliding Shutters

Sliding plantation shutters for sliding glass doors

2. Bifold Shutter

Bi-fold shutters for sliding glass doors. The bi-fold shutters mulitple panels on the track can then be bi-folded back to either or both sides at a 90° angle to the track.

Bifold Shutter

Bi-fold Track systems Shutters

Bifold Shutters for sliding glass doors

Bifold and Bypass track shutters can be installed on doors and windows, especially sliding glass doors and patio doors. Such as: Track plantation shutters for sliding glass doors, Bi-fold or By-pass plantation shutters for sliding glass doors.

Plantation Shutter pelmet

How about the shutter pelmet. Here we will introduce 3 type pelmet based on shutter order request:

For Mounted Inside:


1 pc inside mounted type fascia with both ends straight cut offered.

Inside Mounted but Side Fascia Request:


1 pc inside mounted type fascia + 2pcs side fascia be offered in loose ( both fascia and side fascia are Inclined cut).

Outside Mounted:


1 pc outside mounted type fascia + 2pcs side fascia fixed by a triangle offered (this pic showing you how they joined).

Difference of the Bi-fold and Sliding shutter

Bi-fold plantation shutters can be used both on windows and doors. It normally covering a sliding glass door with bi-folding shutters works great if you have limit and tight space.

Sliding shutters are a perfect way to bring the appeal of plantation shutters to your home which is a good choice for room divider as such track panel system to make the most of your space.

Sliding Shutter can be divided into 2 tracks with layout code: BF and 3 tracks with layout code: BMF. Unlike sliding shutter can have 2 or 3 tracks, Bi-fold shutter only bi-fold in one track, see the graph below:


Here let's introduce what kinds of plantation shutter track hardware, including bifold and sliding shutter:


Plantation shutter panels

The Sliding shutter panels are normally separate without any hinge link then they can move individually.

The Bi-fold shutter panels are linked with the rabbet hinge, check the photo below:



Both Bi-fold and By-pass are consistent with the panels, pelmet and track system. The pelmet including mounted inside and outside. Both are having the head board in size 100mm and 140mm. While the By-pass still has 180mm and 220mm.


Normally the panels for Bi-fold lined with hinges if they fold in 1 side while for the By-pass panels, they normally separate.

Bottom Option

Both Bi-fold and By-pass are available in Track only, Track In Board and Track In board.

  • Track In Board: Track mounted inside the Board.
  • Track On Board: Track mounted to Frame Board.
  • Track Only: Track mounted directly to the floor.

While for By-pass, you are still available for No bottom track is used, the floor guide be fixed on the panels overlap.

For more information, please refer to:

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