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Types of typical wood mouldings

Wall moulding ideas designs, living room moulding ideas and moulding designs for house. Moulding is an inexpensive way to create value and beauty to your home. There are many styles and different kinds of materials to choose from the traditional style wooden moulding to the modern and sophisticated styling of crown and accent moulding.

wood moulding design ideas

Here will introduce several typical wood mouldings series for reference:


door jamb and architrave

The inner door has a frame, usually called a door lining. Moulding installed high above a window to add grandeur; also helps disguise miter lines.



Also be named as wall base, this moulding is applied around the lower perimeter of the room along a finished floor.


Trim used around door and window openings. Exterior casing trims be used in the exterior of windows and doors. Interior casing trims the interior perimeters of windows and doors.

Crown Moulding

Also called cornice moulding, it's used to cover the intersection where the walls and the ceiling meet, usually over a large angle. Crown moulding is always installed sprung (angled).

Door jamb

The part of a doorframe that surrounds and contacts the edges of the stiles and top rail of a door.

Full Rounds

Rod-shaped millwork used as closet poles, curtain rods or towel bars.


A vertical perimeter frame of a window or door. The most common size for interior use is 1-1/16 inches thick by 4-9/16 inches wide.

Quarter Round

Moulding that's one-fourth of a full circle rod and may be used as a base shoe or inside-corner moulding.