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Waterproof Shutters

waterproof shutters

Install plantation shutters in wet areas such as kitchens or bathrooms. Compared with wooden shutters, waterproof shutters are more suitable for shower window / bathroom window installation. Waterproof shutters are also called PVC shutters or poly shutters or vinyl shutters.

waterproof shutters for shower window

waterproof shutters for shower window

Among our end customers, waterproof shutters for shower window / bathroom window are very common. If your window has a shower every day, or your bathroom is very humid, then Goodwood's 100% waterproof Poly/PVC shutters are the best option.

waterproof shutters for shower

The bathroom is the place for daily showers. In order to protect light and privacy, it is also necessary to ensure that the shutters do not become moldy and rot due to prolonged humidity. At this time, we should install a waterproof shutter for our bathroom window. These waterproof shutters look like wood, but they are actually made of pvc, which has a waterproof effect.

Waterproof Shutters for Kitchen

Waterproof Shutters for Kitchen

The kitchen is a place for daily cooking. When washing fruits and vegetables, water will splash on the shutters, so it is a good idea to install waterproof shutters for kitchen windows.

The advantages of waterproof shutters

Our waterproof shutters are made of solid foam extrusion, ensuring that we are similar in width to real solid wood. In addition, compared with wooden shutters, waterproof shutters still has some advantages, especially suitable for wet areas, such as: kitchen shutters, bathroom shutters or other shower area windows. The advantages of waterproof shutters manufactured by Goodwood are as follows:

waterproof shutters for bathroom window


  • Moisture-proof and termite-proof.
  • Weatherproof, no cracking, no chipping, no peeling, no warping or deformation, long service life.


  • Synthetic materials are not harmful to the environment and support ecological sustainability.
  • Water-based coating, humane.
  • No rope and child safety.

Energy efficiency:

  • Greater than any other window treatment: up to 70% more than traditional wooden shutters.
  • Maintenance-free and easy to clean.

The PVC shutters manufactured by Goodwood are extruded from solid foam and are 100% moisture resistant and waterproof. Due to the advantages of waterproof shutters, our PVC shutters are favored by the largest shutter wholesale companies and factories in the UK, Europe, Australia, North America and South Africa.

waterproof window shutters

In addition to manufacturing waterproof shutters, we also produce different styles of shutters (such as full height, cafe, tier-on-tier, sliding and bifold), various louver sizes and paint colors, which can perfectly match the style of customers' houses. For more plantation shutter frames(Z Frame, L Frame), shutter color options and custom special-shaped window shutters, please contact us.

waterproof plantation shutters for bathroom

Our wholesalers such as US or UK shutters wholesale companies will always customize shutters according to customers' individual preferences. PVC shutters that look like wood are very popular in the European and American markets. From the outside, wood and PVC shutters are similar, it is difficult to tell whether it is wood or PVC unless the slats are cut to see. All our waterproof shutters look and feel like wood. This means that your windows will have the same eye-catching effect as wooden shutters and have 100% waterproof performance.

waterproof shutter manufacturers

Therefore, more shutter wholesale companies in the UK and the United States choose to cooperate with Goodwood for a long time. Xiamen Goodwood is the industry leader in manufacturing & wholesaling plantation shutters, and promises to provide our customers with high-quality services, satisfied quality and competitive prices. Let our cooperative wholesalers reduce the cost of wholesale shutters at a competitive price.