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When your plantation shutter louver is broken, can fixed them by yourself?

While plantation shutters are very hearty, they are not indestructible. You may experience a few different problems as the shutters become older, like louvers broken, shutter panel or frame damage, magnet damage etc. So, when a plantation shutter gets broken or damaged, what do you do? Ignore it? No. Throw it out? Of course not. Today, I want to introduce you how to fix broken louvers.

How to fix a broken slat on plantation shutters

A broken louver is not only an aesthetic problem, but it can also allow light and cold drafts into the home. First asses the damage and determine if you want to try and repair your damaged louver or replace it. If a louver just has superficial surface damage, this can be repaired using wood filler. Most of the time, you can repair a broken louver by replacing it with a new louver. Pop out the louver by inserting a utility knife between the louver and the stile and tap the end if the knife sharply with a hammer. The pin should snap, popping out the louver. To reinstall or replace it, use a spring loaded shutter repair pin to lock the louver into place. If the problem is simply that the louver has slid out of place, you can try to depress the spring loaded pin in the stile with a screwdriver as you slide the louver into place. If it is missing the pin, get a spring loaded shutter repair pin to replace the part.


Some tips to extend your plantation shutter lifespan

  • Check the louver tension screws every now and again
  • Use your plantation shutters properly
  • Clean with a feather duster

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