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Z Frame shutter, plantation shutter frames

Among the plantation shutter frame types, we often see Z frame shutters, L frame and deco frame shutters, of which z or l frame shutters is the most common. So what is a Z or L frame shutter? As shown in the figure below, Z frame vs L frame shutters.

what is a Z or L frame shutter

When our end customers choose shutter styles, they will choose different shutter frame types according to their own house interior window size and decoration styles.

Plantation Shutter Frames

Z and L frame shutters inside and outside mount

Everyone has different tastes and personalities, and their favorite styles are also different, such as black window frames with white plantation shutters or dark window frames with white shutters, some people like it.

Goodwood plantation shutters frames are offered in 3 styles: L Frame, Z Frame and Deco Frame.

Z Frame Shutters

Z frame shutters are the most common in our plantation shutter frame types.

Z frame shutters manufacturers

Z Frame shutter as its name suggests, is in the shape of the letter "Z". The Z frame has a built-in light stop to minimize light gaps between the plantation shutter panels and the Z frame. It is excellent for slightly out of square windows because the extended flange covers any imperfections. Besides, for any special shape windows like arches or circles, a Z frame is highly recommended, since these are usually not perfect in curvature.

L Frame Shutters

l frame shutters suppliers uk

L Frame shutter as its name suggests, is designed in the shape of the letter "L". It can be used for both inside mount and outside mount shutter installations. L frames are a common option for framing plantation shutters, they can also extend the depth of the window casing if your windows are not deep enough for the slats to operate.

L Frames has an inside and outside mounted form in the plantation shutter frame types.

Deco Frame Shutters

deco frame shutter manufacturers uk

Deco Frames is a special type of trim framing developed for outside mount or face mount shutters. This gives you more clearance to choose a larger slat size, if your window recess is not quite deep enough. Like Z frame shutter, Deco frame create the look of a decorative moulding surrounding the window opening and hide any variance in your window opening.

In addition to the Z or L Frame shutters and Deco frame shutter introduced above, we have more styles of shutter frame options for you to choose from.

Frame types of PVC Shutters:

Frame types of Wood Shutters:

Goodwood Shutters

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