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Choose from Goodwood's low maintenance polyurethane shutters or polyurethane louvers for your next project or job. Both are easy-to-install and can be painted or stained too.

Polyurethane Exterior shutter

Louvered Panel: It's usually used with frames, and the panel is made with the same sized blade with a uniform overlapping, Normally in bright-coloured.

Board and Batten Shutter: You are available for arch-top or square, spaced or joined styles in a Board-and-batten shutters which are constructed from individual boards joined together with shorter crosspieces, or battens.

Raised Panel Shutter: The raised panel shutters coordinating window box will give you a feeling of country-garden, The dark series color is most favored.

Combination Shutter: The combination shutter is combined with two or more shutter styles—you can freely to combine louvered, raised-panel, cut-out combo. If you want to customize a characteristic feeling, It's a good choice.

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Exterior PU Shutters

Polyurethane Louver

Polyurethane Louver

Goodwood offers a diverse assortment of polyurethane decorative, non-venting and functional, venting louvers to complement most architectural home styles. Decorative polyurethane louvers feature a solid, one-piece design that does not allow air to pass through. Functional polyurethane louvers are designed to provide additional ventilation, with angled slats and screening to help protect interiors from the elements.

Polyurethane Shutter

Polyurethane Shutter

Goodwood polyurethane shutters are crafted from durable polyurethane, making them lightweight and easy to install. Offered in smooth and wood-grained styles, Goodwood polyurethane shutters can be added to transform the look of any home.