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There're a lot of questions about shutters from the end users, that's the reason why we tell our trade partners that they have the advantage in their own market to service the customers better and directly. In fact, Goodwood just stand behind you, with our high quality shutters, reasonable price and perfect after-sale service. Below FAQ may answer the questions you have about Goodwood shutters and wood moulding, no worries, even you have more questions, we're ready to answer immediately.


Plantation Shutters FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Shutters

interior plantation shutters

What kind of shutters do you supply?

We face to trade business and supply both Wood and PVC shutters to meet different market demand. For wood shutters, we can supply Basswood, Poplar, Pine and Ash Tree for your choice. For PVC Shutters, it is made from 100% raw material with reinforced louvers and stiles which is really good for damp humid area.

Do you provide specialty shape like Arch, Sunburst, French Door etc.?

Yes, all special shaped shutters can be custom made in both wood and PVC material, any size, any shape as long as you provide us your detailed measurements. Even you have the difficulty to measure the odd windows, we can help you to get the right size and make the shutters right for you.

Do you provide your shutters in different colors?

Yes, our wood shutters are available in a wide range of 35 standard colors (both paint and stain), and 5 standard white colors for PVC shutters. But if you have your own color and provide us the color sample, we can also custom-paint any color you need.

Do you provide the diagram for checking before production?

Yes, we always make the free diagrams per your order size and provide for your checking before production. For normal size, we can produce directly under your authorization, but the specialty shutters required 100% confirmation from you all the time.

How do I order the shutters from Goodwood and how do you charge the price?

When you send through your order form or we can provide our order form for you to fill up, then we make the drawings accordingly. The price would be charged per the final diagram that we both confirmed, so you always get the exact cost.

How long will my shutter orders take?

It takes about 7-10 days from the final order you confirmed to cut the container quantity. The specialty shutters take about 14 days. The shipment will be scheduled before the entire container order is finished. You always have our guarantee to ship the shutter on time.

How do you ship the shutters?

We recommend shipping the full container by the sea, this is the most economical and safe way for you. As you know, the shutters may cause the damage during the transportation easily. Even though we have confidence in our packing and container loading, it's hard to assure you the shutters quality if it has to transfer several times, the more moving the more potential damages.

Can I amend or cancel the shutter order?

As all shutters are custom made per your requirements and specification only, those shutters go into the production line couldn't be cancelled or amended for any reason, otherwise you still need to pay for the cancellation or amendment. This is the basic rule for all custom made products.

Do you offer rush orders for some urgency case?

We always provide the fast delivery but for some special order, the rush orders are available to be produced as priority under mutual communication. We can help you arrange the air freight under your cost. We believe we can find an equal balance of prompt service while maintaining top quality production standards.

What is your after-sale service?

We have confidence in our shutters quality, any issue caused by us, we would take our responsibility to remake for free and ship on the right next container. You can contact our sales to arrange free remake as long as you provide us the detailed order number, remake reason and related pictures/videos.

When choosing the manufacturers/suppliers of plantation shutters, you have your own way to make the decisions. Goodwood is not the plantation shutters manufacturer only, we also can give you the guidance, advice, technology support and market information so we both can grow together. Please call or email us to schedule a free consolation, it must help you make the decision better. Thank you.

Wood Mouldings FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Wood Mouldings

wood moulding

What Wood Species Does Goodwood Use to Make Mouldings?

Goodwood uses FSC certified sustainable radiata pine to make timber mouldings for the long term and continuous supplying. Both clear and knotty grade are available.

What Type of Coating Does Goodwood use for timber mouldings?

Goodwood uses water based primer to make the mouldings, eco-friendly and smooth surface, can compatible well with any finish paint without sanding further.

How Long Does Goodwood Supply on Wood Mouldings?

Our mouldings are produced in long lengths up to 6000 mm, there’s no extra cost for specified lengths. We always help our customer design the best use of the container.

Do you supply solid wood?

No, we supply FJ/edge-glued wood to ensure the strength and stability. Compared to solid wood, FJ mouldings make better use of the wood and extend the length possibility, whilst using edge glue process to make as wide as 300mm.

Does Goodwood manufacture Wood Mouldings for Outdoor?

We can supply the wood mouldings used for both interior and exterior. Our white primed mouldings are used indoor only. The treated timber is suitable for both indoor and outdoor.

Why Choose Goodwood Mouldings?

Goodwood has more than 25 years’ experience in timber manufacturing. We assign technicians stay in the factories to control the quality well. We carry out quality inspection according to the third party standard to make sure superior products before shipping.

What If I Need My Own Moulding Profiles?

As long as you provide the formal drawing or send us your sample, any profile can be custom made to meet your demand.

How Long Does It Take to Manufacture The Order?

Normally it takes 45 days for the first trial order. Once you have regular order plan, the lead time would be as short as one week.

What Is Your MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) on Wood Mouldings?

We require at least one 20ft container to start which is economical to produce and ship. Please contact our sales to discuss this further.

Do You Provide Free Samples for Checking?

Yes, welcome to contact our sales and get free ≤30mm samples for checking but you need to pay for the air shipping cost at your side. The samples would be random picked from the mass production so you can see our real quality.

What Makes Goodwood Quality Superior to Others Suppliers?

What Makes Goodwood Quality Superior to Others Suppliers?

All manufacturers/suppliers would tell you "good quality", how to choose the one really good for you, that is the point. In fact, now the products look really similar, no need to say the building material like wood mouldings and shutters, you couldn't tell the difference from the surface. But when you touch them and cut them to see the inside closely, you would find something new. Choosing Goodwood as your supplier, it means you will get what products and services you pay for, the quality is totally in compliance with your standards.

Here are what makes our quality superior to others Suppliers.

Factories Union

We're not one factory model, but different scale of factories to support different customers. It's not safe to reply on one factory, what if they fail to finish on time? So our factories union would make sure the production capacity, stable quality and on-time delivery no matter what happens.


We have been in the business more than 25 years, we live with credibility. It is the main reason that our customers choose us as their business partners and reliable supplier. We always do what we promise.

Quality Standard

The one place the orders only, he doesn't know why he lost the orders, because their quality standard depends on the factory itself. Goowood is the leading supplier of building material who implements our own standard in all factories, no matter the order ship from which factory, the quality all keep the same.

Delivery Time

For long term business, you know that on-time delivery is not for a few months. With the business growing, you would expand your market, you may need higher quality products, any change may affect the delivery time, who can meet your new challenges when needed? We're the one can support you from all sides. We have different factories support arrange the samples starting in one factory which won't affect the normal production. With the volume increasing, we can arrange the mass production in

Teamwork Support

Our sales team are good at communication with you in English, learn your demand and concerns, provide you the foresee plan so you can focus on your market comfortably. Our technical team can provide you any CAD drawings, solutions instantly.


We never guarantee the lowest price because you always can find the lower price here or there. The price represents the value, it should not be the most important criteria. Our price value is help you buy with reasonable price and balance between the factories.

The building material business is not one time business, with the right supplier, it can ease your burden a lot and help you expand the market or win the new project easier. We are ready to accept any new challenges from you, who focus on the quality must be your top concern, plus we can provide you various solutions and save your costs.

If we're the one you may be interested in, please do not hesitate to send an enquiry now and learn more.