Reinforced Louver

Poly Shutter

Poly Shutters (also be called: Faux wood, PVC, Vinyl & Plastic Shutters ) Is made of Solid foam extrusion, With two types: Solid and Reinforced, The re-inforced aluminum core is more strengthen and ensure us to make the shutter panels in similar width to that of a solid wood. Besides, It still has some advantages over the wood shutter, especially suitable for damp area like: Kitchen, Bathroom etc.. 4 white color available: Bright White, Classic White, Snow White, Off White. Goodwood has 4 different types of shutters tilt rod for poly shutters.

Moisture resistant & impervious to termites.
Weather-proof, not crack, chip, fade, peel, or warp and long last.
Synthetic Material, No harm to environment and support ecological sustainability.
Water-based paint, user friendly.
Cordless & Children Safety.
Energy efficiency:
Greater than any other window treatment: up to 70% more than traditional wood shutters.
Maintainance Free and Easy Cleaning.

Shutter Frames Available

  • Bullnose Z Frame ShutterBullnose Z Frame
  • Classic Z Frame ShutterClassic-Z-Frame
  • Colonial Z Frame ShutterColonial-Z-Frame
  • Crown Z Frame ShutterCrown Z Frame-1
  • Crown Z Frame ShuttersCrown Z Frame-2
  • Deco Frame ShutterDeco Frame
  • L Frame ShutterL Frame
  • Medium Z Frame ShutterMedium Z Frame
  • Sill Plate ShutterSill Plate
  • Small Z Frame ShutterSmall Z Frame
  • custom shuttersCustomized Service

Color Options

  • Bright White
  • Classic White
  • Snow White
  • Off White
  • Shutters Color-OptionsCustomized Service

Shapes Shutter Available

  • Circle ShuttersCircle
  • Octagon ShuttersOctagon
  • Half Circle ShuttersHalf Circle
  • Triangle-ShuttersTriangle
  • Oval Horizontal ShuttersOval Horizontal
  • Sunburst-ShuttersSunburst
  • Half Circle Plantation ShuttersHalf Circle
  • Eclipse ShuttersEclipse
  • Sunburst Arch ShuttersSunburst Arch
  • Arched ShuttersArched Shutter
  • Left Rake ShuttersLeft Rake
  • Angled Bottom Shape ShutterAngled Bottom Shape

Factory and Production Capacity Introduction

Assembling the ready made shutter with the shutter components made by ourselves. Multiple plants support the huge production capacity and quick lead time:

  • 3 ready made shutter factory with monthly capacity 25000 m2 .

    With normally lead time within 7 days ( support with weekly container shipping ).

  • 2 Poly shutter extrusion workshop with monthly production capacity over 40*40ft containers.

    Poly extrusion order normally within 7-15days.

  • Plantation Shutter Workshop of Xiamen
  • Shutter Components Workshop of Xiamen
  • Unfinished Interior Shutters Workshop of Shanghai
  • Unfinished Shutter Workshop of Shanghai