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China Goodwood's polyurethane balustrade systems create a beautiful, low maintenance outdoor space. Available in a variety of styles with all the polyurethane parts you need and easy-to-install. Polyurethane balustrades, porch posts and columns including balustrade system, column wraps and rail systems which have options to fit any style.

Xiamen Goodwood is the China leading decorative polyurethane millwork manufacturer producing and supplying polyurethane balustrades porch posts and columns, our main customer are the biggest wholesaler and distributors abroad. Goodwood commit to provide good serive, statisfied quality and competitive price to our customers. For more please refer to below polyurethane balustrades, porch posts and columns series products.

Advantages of Polyurethane Columns and Railings

When you build your dream home, polyurethane columns and railings are an essential part of the exterior decoration. Detailed polyurethane moulding pieces can enhance the overall appearance of the house. The wrap-around porch is the focus of your dream house, and Goodwood polyurethane pieces help to create the feeling you want while providing you with no-warp, no-decay products. For many reasons, polyurethane materials produced by Chinese polyurethane column and railing manufacturers are very suitable for use in columns and railings.

Weather proof: Polyurethane Columns and railings are placed outdoor under changeable weather circumstance. PU products are beautiful and durable in all seasons, withstands the elements better than tradition materials, suitable temperature range can be -40℃ to 70℃.

Water proof: Polyurethane is 100% water proof, it's ideal for moisture-prone spaces, will not expand and crack because of water absorption.

Resists insects: Our closed-cell polyurethane is resistant to instects.

Easy to install: Light weight, Easy Installation without special tools. Lasting performance and minimal upkeep. Long lifespan, can be same as building.

Suit every style: Polyurethane smooth or woodgrain - comes pre-primed and ready to paint or stain. Easy to make it a perfect match for every house.

Safe for environment: Eco-friendly, non-toxic. Uses the latest 4th generation LBA and FEA 1100, which is the highest standard for California USA by now.

Balustrades, Porch posts & Columns

Polyurethane Balustrade System

Polyurethane Balustrade System

Transform any porch, patio or balcony into an impressive outdoor living area. Goodwood polyurethane balustrades system are made from corrosion-resistant parts that keep their beauty with very little maintenance. Most fasteners remain completely hidden, providing a clean, classic appearance. Goodwood polyurethane balusters are made from durable polyurethane.

Polyurethane Column Wraps

Polyurethane Column Wraps

Once you've met the structural requirements of your project, Goodwood polyurethane column wraps can be used to add an elegant finishing touch. Designed for easy installation around an existing structural support, polyurethane column wraps are perfect for adding character to a new job or covering an existing, outdated design.

Polyurethane Rail Systems

Polyurethane Rail Systems

Premium railing kits of polyurethane are virtually maintenance free, resisting decay, warping, fading, chipping, splintering and rust. With a UV-protected finish that never requires painting, our polyurethane railing systems utilizes a multi-layered extrusion technology, providing excellent strength and resiliency. Easily connect multiple rail kits with our accessory items, such as post kits, porch posts and gate kits, to create your own unique system.