PU architectural millwork

Discover unlimited possibilities of polyurethane (PU) architectural millwork. China Goodwood combines style and performance with the industry's largest PU millwork products portfolio and best customer service to provide our customers with a true competitive advantage. Polyurethane millwork from Goodwood can satisfy what you want to be reality of any decoration design, PU architectural millwork can be imitated any material such as wood grain, stone grain, timber mouldings ... it is used greatly for exterior shutters, railings, decorative lines, faux wooden beams, internal and external decorative components etc.

Window & Door Trim

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Polyurethane Crossheads manufacturers China Polyurethane Crossheads suppliers

Polyurethane Crossheads

Accentuate your home's architecture with Goodwood polyurethane crossheads. Ideal for adding a decorative touch to windows and doors, our crossheads of polyurethane are carefully contoured to complement a wide array of home styles.

Polyurethane Keystone manufacturers China Polyurethane Keystone suppliers

Polyurethane Keystone

Goodwood polyurethane keystones are the perfect finishing touch for crossheads of all sizes. Not only do our keystones cover seams, but they add flawless classic style.

Polyurethane Pediments manufacturers China Polyurethane Pediments suppliers

Polyurethane Pediments

Offered in a wide range of styles and sizes, Goodwood pediments of polyurethane can be used to make a statement and enhance almost any architectural style. Designed to coordinate with certain crossheads and pilasters of polyurethane, our polyurethane pediments can be stained or painted to complement your home's style.

Polyurethane Pilaster manufacturers China Polyurethane Pilaster suppliers

Polyurethane Pilaster

Goodwood polyurethane pilasters are perfect for adding a sophisticated element to your home's decor. Available in a variety of design options to complement any architectural style.

Polyurethane Trim manufacturers China Polyurethane Trim suppliers

Polyurethane Trim

Transform the look of any home with Goodwood window and door trim of polyurethane. Designed to work together, these pieces are quick and easy to install.

Exterior PU Shutters

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Polyurethane Louver manufacturers China Polyurethane Louver suppliers

Polyurethane Louver

Goodwood offers a diverse assortment of polyurethane decorative, non-venting and functional, venting louvers to complement most architectural home styles. Decorative polyurethane louvers feature a solid, one-piece design that does not allow air to pass through. Functional polyurethane louvers are designed to provide additional ventilation, with angled slats and screening to help protect interiors from the elements.

Polyurethane Shutter manufacturers China Polyurethane Shutter suppliers

Polyurethane Shutter

Goodwood polyurethane shutters are crafted from durable polyurethane, making them lightweight and easy to install. Offered in smooth and wood-grained styles, Goodwood polyurethane shutters can be added to transform the look of any home.

Decorative Millwork

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Polyurethane Bracket manufacturers China Polyurethane Bracket suppliers

Polyurethane Bracket

Goodwood offers polyurethane decorative brackets that can easily be added to the interior or exterior of the home for a decorative touch. Goodwood polyurethane brackets are primarily used on porches, cornices and as part of a gable end decoration. Interior applications include supporting or hiding joints between a beam and wall, embellishing doorways, supporting shelving and hanging objects.

Polyurethane Corbel manufacturers China Polyurethane Corbel suppliers

Polyurethane Corbel

Goodwood polyurethane corbels are ideal for both interior and exterior applications and can be installed over existing structures or rafters.

Polyurethane Dentil Blocks manufacturers China Polyurethane Dentil Blocks suppliers

Polyurethane Dentil Blocks

Goodwood polyurethane dentil blocks provide a smart alternative to wood and can be spaced closely together in a series or in a sequence with moulding.

Polyurethane Knee Braces manufacturers China Polyurethane Knee Braces suppliers

Polyurethane Knee Braces

Designed to add sophisticated appeal, Goodwood polyurethane knee braces can be used in both exterior and interior applications which gives design and construction professionals an edge over other interior and exterior design building materials. Choose from smooth or wood-grained styles.

Polyurethane Mouldings manufacturers China Polyurethane Mouldings suppliers

Polyurethane Mouldings

Discover a variety of options, ranging from simple to ornate. Our polyurethane millwork mouldings portfolio of beautiful, inspired styles is available in a range of sizes and combinations, ideal for adding character to any home.

Polyurethane Rafter Tail manufacturers China Polyurethane Rafter Tail suppliers

Polyurethane Rafter Tail

Goodwood polyurethane rafter tails feature a rough sawn cedar finish, providing a more authentic look. Five profile designs: Straight, Cove, Slant, Bullnose and Scroll - were carefully selected to complement a variety of architectural home styles. Designed to fit over structural lumber, Goodwood's polyurethane rafter tails are a durable, lightweight alternative to wood.

Balustrades, Porch posts & Columns

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Polyurethane Balustrade System manufacturers China Polyurethane Balustrade System suppliers

Polyurethane Balustrade System

Transform any porch, patio or balcony into an impressive outdoor living area. Goodwood polyurethane balustrades system are made from corrosion-resistant parts that keep their beauty with very little maintenance. Most fasteners remain completely hidden, providing a clean, classic appearance. Goodwood polyurethane balusters are made from durable polyurethane.

Polyurethane Column Wraps manufacturers China Polyurethane Column Wraps suppliers

Polyurethane Column Wraps

Once you've met the structural requirements of your project, Goodwood polyurethane column wraps can be used to add an elegant finishing touch. Designed for easy installation around an existing structural support, polyurethane column wraps are perfect for adding character to a new job or covering an existing, outdated design.

Polyurethane Rail Systems manufacturers China Polyurethane Rail Systems suppliers

Polyurethane Rail Systems

Premium railing kits of polyurethane are virtually maintenance free, resisting decay, warping, fading, chipping, splintering and rust. With a UV-protected finish that never requires painting, our polyurethane railing systems utilizes a multi-layered extrusion technology, providing excellent strength and resiliency. Easily connect multiple rail kits with our accessory items, such as post kits, porch posts and gate kits, to create your own unique system.