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Product Range:MDF Baseboard Crown Moulding

Material: Light Medium Density Fiberboard

Dimension tolerance: must be strictly controlled within customer's requirements

Grade: E1

Paint: Direct Primer.

Finishing: flat, smooth and clean, not allow any defects on the surface such as machine marks, color difference, knots oiling etc.

Specifications: Any length available, maximum 16ft. Customized Specification.

Usage: Trim, Cornice, Architrave, Skirting, Interior Door Jamb and Window Reveal etc.

Advantage: easy installation, easy paint, DIY available

Experience: more than 20 years experience on the building material field, especially wood mouldings and door jamb, and master the skilled technique.
Comparison to Wood Mouldings
MDF Mouldings are widely used throughout the private and public sector as an effective alternative to traditional wood mouldings, with unparalleled ease of use, uniformity, free from defects, profiles include casing, baseboard, chair rail, crown, jamb and S4S board etc., which can be made to any specified length.

Due to the manufacturing process, we entrust that MDF are free from defects, such as knots, rings, warping or twisting, making it more uniform than natural wood during cutting and in service. Our factory has a total production capacity of 50x40FCL container loads per month, which offer a unique combination of high production and flexibility, especially quick delivery time.

MDF mouldings provide a clear and elegant finish to any property. It’s an excellent alternative to wood if a paint finish is required. Our MDF mouldings are CARB certified, we would apply to FSC certification as well so you can be assured that you are buying a product that is eco-friendly than most alternatives.

Why choose our Light MDF Mouldings?
We supply a wide range of standard and custom-made MDF moulding profiles to meet your requirements. We can meet your precise requirements to create the profile you need. We’re professional in every procedure of the manufacturing which allows us to create minimal wastage and provide the best price with a high quality finished mouldings.

1. Description: Light MDF Mouldings - wainscoting
2. Density: 500-550kg/m3
3. Length: 16ft, customised
4. Capacity:2500 cubic meter per month
5. Avaliable Profiles: Baseboard, Casing, Crown, S4S, E2E, Header, etc.
6. Glue Grade: E1 Grade
7. Packing: Standard package
8. Certificate: CARB ATCM
9. Surface: Double with primer
10. Advantages:
• Custom made size, Available in long lengths
• Defect Free
• Smooth white primer
• Consistent High Quality
• Efficient-machining service
• Primed finish available
• Sheet cutting service
• Smooth face
• Paintable
• quick delivery time
• economical ocean freight
11. Production time: within 2 Weeks for first container, one week for continuous orders

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