Plantation Shutter Styles

As the plantation shutter is customized products, different window can be fixed with different styles of interior shutters which make your home more beautiful. Interior plantation shutters is a kind of affordable shutter which be fixed inside of home for indoor decoration. Poly or wood is the best material for plantation shutters. You can free to choose the material you like : Wood (Basswood, Poplar and Radiata Pine) and solid PVC. Wooden shutters will offer you a classical feel while PVC shutters, Due to it's water-proof characteristic which be widely used in wet area like: Kitchen, Bathroom etc. We also supply polyurethane exterior shutter styles for decoration, the exterior window shutter styles can increase the beauty of the building.

Interior Plantation Shutters

Interior plantation window shutters are the best window decoration solution for any home, office and retail place, beautiful, stylish and practical! Plantation Shutters are window treatments made of thicker wood or faux wood or PVC materials. Shutters are more durable than blinds, and shutters do not have ropes or strings, so they are safer for children and pets. The service life of shutters is more than several decades, and it is the window treatments with the longest service life. Although solid wood shutters are the most durable, faux wood or PVC shutters are also very durable and more economical. Therefore, pvc shutters are indoor cheap plantation shutters, affordable plantation shutters.

Customized indoor shutters can fit windows of any size and shape, and their elegant appearance is becoming more and more popular. Compared with other curtains, interior plantation shutters are ideal window treatment solution for our indoor windows. internal window shutters are more advantageous than other curtains in controlling light and energy costs.

Advantages of interior plantation shutters

Create a unique custom look around the windows

We has 7 different styles of interior shutters for homes, you can install different styles of plantation shutters on each window according to your preferences, truly private customization! Installing shutters on existing windows is an easy way to update the personality of the room. The plantation shutters manufactured by Xiamen Goodwood have a variety of materials and colors for customers to choose from. Our shutters experts can help you design a wonderful and unique arrangement of custom plantation shutters to match the overall decoration of the house!

Interior Plantation Shutters Add Value to the House

Whether you install PVC shutters or wooden shutters, you can increase the overall value of the house! Interior plantation shutters are more elegant than other blinds or shades, practical and long-lasting, enhancing the value of your investment house.

Plantation shutters help control the room's temperature

The louvers/ slats of the shutters can be freely controlled according to the light and temperature, so no matter what the weather is, the internal shutters can help maintain a comfortable temperature. Whether in winter or summer, just close the shutter slats(louvers) to add an extra layer of insulation to the windows to protect the indoor temperature from the outdoor.

In spring or autumn, you may need to open the windows to get fresh, gentle air while blocking the sun. With plantation shutters, just open the louvers to the proper level to get the proper balance.

Do Plantation Shutters Reduce Noise?

Plantation shutters can help dampen noise. Although shutters will not completely block the noise outside the window, they can help a quiet space when completely closed. If your room has an echo, the shutters can enhance the echo because the sound waves will bounce off the hard surface.

Plantation Shutters are easier to clean than drapes or curtains

Although internal window shutters may accumulate dust (just like horizontal or vertical blinds), cleaning plantation shutters is usually much less work than curtains or curtain layers. Regardless of expensive or cheap window shutters, cleaning shutters usually only requires wiping with a damp cloth. Please see the introduction of "how to clean interior window shutter".

Goodwood Shutters

Xiamen Goodwood is a leading manufacturer and supplier of interior plantation shutters in China. All PVC shutters and wood shutters are manufactured by our plantation shutter factory in China. Plantation shutters are elegant, practical, durable and easy to maintain, and are favored by European and American shutter wholesale companies. There are more and more large shutter suppliers in the UK and Europe choose to build long-term business relationships with Xiamen Goodwood, if you are interested in interior plantation shutters, contact us to talk about cooperation, we will help you expand your market!

If you are looking for a new reliable interior shutter manufacturer, contact us, you will find value in China Goodwood. We provide solutions for shutter business owners to save time and costs. Goodwood commit to provide customers with excellent service, satisfactory quality and competitive prices.

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Hinged Shutters

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Hinged Shutters

Hinged Shutter is the most popular form of the shutter be used, It's frame and panel be linked by hinge. The shutter comes in assembled already, When you receive the order, you just need to put the hinge pin.

Sliding Shutters

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Bi-fold Shutters

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Bi-fold Plantation Shutter is a kind of shutters more suitable for a room dividers & covering a sliding door. this one is similar as the Sliding Shutters, but it can give you a full view of outside when you fold all the panels.

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Shaped Shutters: Goodwood can offer you the custom made shutter with any size and any shape you want to fit your windows well. Like shape including: oval, round, arched shutters, octagonal, hexagonal, sunrise-shaped, etc.