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Sliding Shutters

Sliding Plantation Shutters Manufacturer China Shutter Supplier

Sliding Plantation Shutters

Sliding Plantation Shutters is a panel that moves from side to side to cover or expose a window. It offers security and a way to regulate the amount of light, heat or wind entering the window. Its primary advantage is that its movement does not require swinging space which can be used in a number of situations but it commonly used over sliding doors and patio doors. The most commonly used is plantation shutters for sliding glass doors.

The sliding shutters can be opened and closed with a single push and pull, so that you can use the maximum natural light to completely protect your privacy and any position in between. There were no ropes, no railings, no rattles. Planting shutters bring everything needed for window treatment to sliding doors: stylish appearance, durability and ease of use.

Plantation shutters for sliding glass doors

Xiamen Goodwood is a China leading plantation shutters for sliding glass doors manufacturer producing sliding plantation shutters and its components. Ready made poly shutter and wooden shutter( the finished shutters are made with the components made by ourselves), We have enjoyed a good market reputation based on our high quality product and excellent service. Our main customer are the biggest wholesaler and factories across the uk, europe, australia, north american and south africa. We commit to provide good serive, statisfied quality and competitive price to our customers.

plantation shutters for sliding doors

Plantation shutters for sliding glass doors: The traditional charm of modern manufacturing. As introduced in the article "Bypass Shutters For Sliding Glass Doors", sliding shutters have many advantages. There are more many benefits of sliding shutters, such as:

Turnkey availability

Sliding shutters are the ideal way to bring the charm of planting shutters to your sliding glass and patio doors. The shutters have no rope, so you can enjoy an undisturbed appearance in a home without children and pets. Choose between two-way blinds or a bypass track panel system to make the most of your space.


Shutters are the friendliest partner for sliding glass doors and sliding patio doors. As long as it is installed on your door frame, it basically does not need to be replaced and is very durable. Shutters give your sliding glass doors or patio doors a timeless look. Resistance to warpage and fading. If you often need to enter and exit sliding doors, shutters are an ideal choice.

Custom shutters

We can produce all kinds of sliding door shutters according to your customized options or drawings. You can also freely combine from the following options: shutter size, sliding door layout, shutter track and hardwares, bottom track, material (PVC and wood), color and shutter frames etc.

Complete control of your space

Sliding door shutters provide you with privacy and light control, and can block heat from passing through the glass. Sliding plantation shutters are the best choice for sliding glass doors or patio doors.

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Headboard Available Size: (100mm, 140mm, 180mm and 220mm)

Sliding shutter Headboard Available Size

Layout Code Options :


Sliding Shutter Layout Code Options

Track and Hardwares Be Used:

Sliding Shutter Track Be Used:

Track Plantation Shutters

Sliding Shutter Hardwares Be Used:

Sliding Shutter Hardwares

Bottom Track Options for Sliding Shutter:

Track In Board: Track mounted inside the Board.

Sliding Shutter with Track mounted inside the Board

Track On Board: Track mounted to Frame Board.

Sliding Shutter with Track mounted to Frame Board

Track Only: Track mounted directly to the floor.

Sliding Shutter with Track mounted directly to the floor

Floor Guide: No bottom track is used, the floor guide be fixed on the panels overlap.

Shutters Frame Options and Color available:

Pls refer to below link:

For PVC Shutter.

For Wood Shutter.

Shutters Tilt Rod Options:

Pls refer to the link: Shutters Tilt Rod.

Sliding Plantation Shutter Photos Gallery: