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Solid Panel Shutters

Solid Panel Plantation Shutters Manufacturer China Shutter Supplier

Solid Wood Shutters

Solid panel shutters is solid wood panels that cover the window entirely. Solid shutters have been used in the UK for hundreds of years. They provide a more traditional finish to dressing your interior windows. Solid wood shutters and PVC shutters are available, Commonly used with bay windows, kitchen and interior window.

Interior Solid shutters and Solid shaker shutters are ideal solutions for stylish decoration of windows in any home or workplace. Solid shutters for bay windows, They are very popular in Victorian houses, especially the victorian solid shutters panels that match the house's tone. Solid Shutters Manufacturers can also DIY custom solid panel shutters according to customer needs.

Solid Wood Shutters

Goodwood has difference interior solid window shutters series, like Pine Shutters, Poplar Shutters, Basswood Shutters, Ashwood Shutters and PVC Shutters.

Solid panel shutters can improve the value of your house and can also bring you many benefits.

Advantages of solid wood plantation shutters

  • Maximum light reduction, maximum shading
  • Add elegance and personality style
  • Provide the most complete privacy
  • Reduce noise
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean


Interior solid wood shutters add an extra layer to your windows and keep your house secure.


Period windows, bay windows look beautiful, but they don't always keep out the draught. With solid wood window shutters in place, you can enjoy an extra layer of insulation and a cosy room.

In keeping

Our solid panel shutters replicate those of the Victorian era, so you can easily achieve the appearance of traditional solid window shutters.

Suitable place

Indoor doors and windows, bay windows and room dividers or free-standing screens. In addition, solid shutters can be used in the bathroom, bedroom, movie room and media room.

Wanna a shutter expert for your shutter business? Please feel free to contact China Goodwood - the No.1 Plantation Shutter Supplier in China.

Goodwood Shutters

Xiamen Goodwood is a leading manufacturer and supplier of interior plantation shutters in China. All PVC shutters and solid wood shutters are manufactured by our plantation shutter factory in China. Solid plantation shutters are elegant, practical, durable and easy to maintain, and are favored by European and American shutter wholesale companies. There are more and more large shutter suppliers in the UK and Europe choose to build long-term business relationships with Xiamen Goodwood, if you are interested in solid plantation shutters, contact us to talk about cooperation, we will help you expand your market!

If you are looking for a new reliable solid wood shutter manufacturer, contact us, you will find value in China Goodwood. We provide solutions for shutter business owners to save time and costs. Goodwood commit to provide customers with excellent service, satisfactory quality and competitive prices.

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Shutters Frame Options and Color available:

If you want to know more about plantation shutters frame types (such as Z frame shutters, L frame shutters and bullnose Z frame, etc.) and look for the shutter color that suits your house. Pls refer to below link:

For PVC Shutter.

For Wood Shutter.

Shutters Tilt Rod Options:

If you want to know more about shutters tilt rod or not. Goodwood has 4 different types of shutters tilt rod for your choice. Pls refer to the link: Shutters Tilt Rod.

Solid Panel Shutter Photos Gallery: