Wood Shutter Close-up

Wood Plantation Shutters

Our interior wood shutters are all manufactured from the actual solid wood like Basswood, Poplar and Radiata Pine ( with FSC) which can ensure the superior durability and excellent surface finish, Unlike other companies who make the shutter by the composite wood or MDF. We are available for any style, any size and any shape window shutter, Varied frame type and color options for your free choice. Goodwood has 4 different types of shutters tilt rod for wood plantation shutters. Wooden louver sizes: 63mm/76mm/89mm/114mm. Among our interior wood plantation shutters, white wooden shutters are also extremely popular in the market. Custom wood shutters service is available.

Wood Shutter Frames for USA and Australia

  • Basswood Shutter Frame Bel Air Z Frames for USABel Air Z Frame
  • Basswood Shutter L Frame BR-47.6 Frames for USAL Frame
  • Art Deco Frame of Basswood for ShuttersArt Deco Frame
  • Basswood Shutter Frame Regency Z Frames for USARegency Z Frame
  • Basswood Shutter Frame Standard Z Frames for USAStandard Z Frame
  • Wood Plantation Shutters Small L Frame for AustraliaSmall L Frame
  • Wood Plantation Shutters Deco Frame for AustraliaDeco Frame
  • Wood Plantation Shutters Z Frame for AustraliaZ Frame-01
  • Z frame Wood Shutters for Australia From ChinaZ Frame-02
  • Jamestown Frame for Wood Shutters for AustraliaJamestown Frame
  • Deluxe Z Frame for Wood Shutters for AustraliaDeluxe Z Frame
  • Beaded L Frame for Plantation ShuttersBeaded L Frame
  • Small Bullnose Z Frame for Wood ShuttersSmall Bullnose Z Frame
  • Large Bullnose Z Frame for Wood ShuttersLarge Bullnose Z Frame
  • custom shuttersCustomized Service

Wood Shutter Frames for European Market

  • Vintage L Frame 46mm Timber Shutters Profiles DimensionsVintage L Frame(S)
  • Vintage L Frame 60mm Timber Shutters Profiles DimensionsVintage L Frame(M)
  • Vintage L Frame 76mm Wood Shutter Profiles SizesVintage L Frame(L)
  • Plain L Frame 46mm Wood Shutter Profiles Sizes46mm Plain L Frame
  • Plain L Frame 60mm Wood Shutter Profiles Sizes60mm Plain L Frame
  • Plain L Frame 76mm Wood Shutter Profiles Sizes76mm Plain L Frame
  • Large BullNose Z Frame of Timber Profiles Sizes for Wood ShutterLarge BullNose Z Frame
  • Deco Frame of Timber Profiles Dimensions for Wood ShutterDeco Frame
  • Crown Z Frame Wood Shutter Profiles SizesCrown Z Frame 62mm/76mm
  • custom shuttersCustomized Service

Wood Shutter Color Options

Paint Color: Super White, Snow White, Bright White, Classic White, Ral Series.

Stain Color: Black Walnut, Manogany, BAF-Rose, Red Mahogany, Beech, Pecan Nut, Chestnut, Oak, Honey and Nature.

Paint Color For Shutters

  • Super White
  • Snow White
  • Bright White
  • Classic White
  • Ral Series 1
  • Ral Series 2
  • Ral Series 3
  • Ral Series 4
  • Ral Series 5
  • Custom Shutters ColorCustomized Service

Stain Color For Shutters

  • beech color for ShuttersBeech
  • Rose color for ShuttersRose
  • Manogany color for ShuttersManogany
  • Red Mahogany color for ShuttersRed Mahogany
  • Black Walnut color for ShuttersBlack Walnut
  • Pecan Nut color for ShuttersPecan Nut
  • Chestnut color for ShuttersChestnut
  • Oak color for ShuttersOak
  • Nature color for ShuttersNature
  • Custom Shutters ColorCustomized Service

Shapes Shutter Available

China Goodwood manufactures and supplies thousand of specialty shaped window configurations, providing our customers the complete finish to these odd window shapes that are difficult to cover. Goodwood provides these custom shapes to any size, shape or form that is needed. We can make any custom shutters shape you would need.

  • oval circle hexagon octagon shaped window shutters
  • arch top shutters and large triangle shaped shutters
  • window shutters specialty shapes circles
  • Custome Shutter

Factory Capacity and Production Procedure

2 factories support the weekly capacity 8000 m2/week.

2 new production lines are still on setting up.

Production lead time: 7-10 days to support weekly container shipping.

Wood Shutter Production Procedure:

  • China Plantation Shutter Factory Material Cutting1. Material Cutting
  • Wood Shutter Factory Shaping2. Shaping
  • Wood Shutter Factory Assembling3. Assembling
  • Wood Shutter Factory QC4. QC after assembling before painting
  • Wood Shutter Factory Painting5. Painting
  • Wood Shutter Factory Drying6. Drying
  • Wood Shutter Factory QC7. QC after painting before packing
  • Wood Shutter Factory Packing8. Packing